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Weekly Update: Week 6, 2022.

The un-delegate feature is now live!

Mainnet Candidate Network:

  1. Tested and merged the un-delegate your stake feature:

NOTE: stake delegation does not become eligible to be undelegated until it’s been at least five days since delegation, i.e. you cannot instantly switch your delegation between nodes. After five days passed, there is no delay and you can instantly un-delegate and delegate to another node.

2. Tested a hardfork for the mainnet candidate that addresses an incorrect balance issue in the genesis block that is causing all transactions to fail.

3. Investigating what’s causing slow block production on the testnet, will post an update once we find a fix.

Application: Social Listen Assistant:

On the application side, we are now in the process of building out an open API to allow for integrations with popular messenger platforms to be able to elicit and track the trending data and sentiment by getting consistent data from social media platforms. Our current effort is focused on Telegram’s groups and channels:

  • Added the message offset date to avoid duplicated messages before parsing.
  • Removed the get entity request on the ingester (getting properties from the dialog).
  • Worked on SLA-41 Associating IP addresses to accounts.
  • Working on TI-49: using themessage_id when parsing a message to avoid duplication.
  • Feature to start using chat_id instead of group_username.
  • Bug fixing.



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