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Whitelisting for Token Sale’s Option C.

Disclaimer: The offer and sale of the Tokens is not being made within the United States or to any U.S. persons (as defined under U.S. federal securities laws). You will be required to provide documentation and verify your eligibility in order to participate.

Why Whitelist?

From both feedback in our Community and our wish to reward long-term supporters of the project, we’ve decided to hold a Whitelist for contributors under Option C. We don’t want our community members to pay ridiculously high gas prices on the Ethereum network and be negatively impacted when competing for token allocation. We also hope this helps solve some of the time zone issues and creates a more fair playing field for multiple geographic locations.

How to get whitelisted?

To get whitelisted, you must have a total of 1,000 points from our ongoing bounties. Don’t have 1K points yet? Check out our announcement channel for upcoming ways to earn!

What are the benefits of the whitelist?

For all community members that are whitelisted, they will get an early 24-hour time slot to invest in ONLY Option C, our smallest option with no lockup period.

What are the points?

Points are simply a way to reward users for completing our various bounties. They’re redeemable for tokens (1:1) following TGE. (Assuming you have passed KYC.)

How to check if you’re whitelisted:

To check if you are whitelisted, please create an account on https://community.taraxa.io/ and check the number of your TARA points.

**If you previously have earned 1K points and do not see it reflected on your account please wait for 48-hours. If still not updated please contact us via our community channels.

Option C: Further Details

Price per token: 0.012 / No lockup period.

Option C is our smallest yet most expensive contribution option giving the benefit of no lockup period.

I didn’t make the whitelist, now what?

If you didn’t make the lockup don’t fret! You will still be able to contribute to either option A or B. If C is not completely filled by the time the 24-hour whitelist is over, it will then be open to the general public on our original first come first serve basis.

For more information on the Taraxa Public Sale, please check out https://token.taraxa.io/



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