A day in the life of the PC Master Race

Here comes the PC Master Race

On console forums…yay

Crusading to correct us all

They have sooooo much to say

Frame rates, hardware, GPU

We must make known our presence

Steam Sales, keyboards, glorious!!

What say you, filthy peasants?

Your platform choice offends me so

My rig is so divine!

My FPS so super quick

That it bends space and time!!!!

My tech will be obsolete

Within six months or so

And this is why I came to you

To brag and “Ho ho ho”

You’re locked into your hardware

Til the next gen hits the shelves

And I’ve spent so much money

That I sort of hate myself…

And this is why I come to you

I’m superior of course!

This isn’t petty trolling

To disguise buyers remorse…

I’m part of an elite club, you know?

Made by ironic memes

Sure, we lost the irony

But this now makes me ME!!

I’m exclusive, I’m unique

Like those several other guys

I’m not a peasant, not a cuck

And we live the good lives!!!

PC gaming is the best!!!!!!!

Console gaming’s dead…

It’s so fucking spectacular

That I’m on this forum instead!!!

A poem by FoxPug