Big June PlayStation Flash Sale

Let’s see what PS4 games you might want to consider in this Flash Sale which ends Wednesday June 26 at 8AM Pacific Time. BTW, you won’t ever play any of these games, they will just sit in your backlog collecting dust, enjoy!

7 Days to Die — Survivor horror crafting zombie game with online PvP, Co-op Survival and Co-op Creative mods. Yes, it’s zombies, yes there is crafting, yes it has a survival mode, are all the boxes checked? $10? best checkbox ever — $10.49

Drivekick — First ever 2 button fighting game with 14+ original players, less than a dollar? how bad could it be? — $0.99

Screencheat — Ten unique modes on or offline, 11 maps, FPS that forces you to look at everyone else’s screen, what the fuck actually is this game, spend less than 4 bucks to find out — $3.74

Capsule Force — It’s retro, it’s Japanese it has a trailer that totally over hypes it, best feature? the price — $0.99

Videoball — Not sure if this really is a game or if the devs are just trolling us, but Videoball is actually fun and the online features actually work, it is no longer ten bucks, so buy it now that it is cheap — $1.99

Art of Balance — An amazing physics based puzzle game you will not be able to stop playing, I dare you to stop, please stop, put it away now, I’m calling the cops — $3.59

Get a load of these games on sale while they last, you can be sure they will be cheaper next time.