Gamer sins, don’t be that guy

Are you that guy? You know that guy, nobody likes that guy! It’s not too late to change.

So, you’re sitting there in party chat with your gaming buds. All’s going good, communication is flowing towards effective teamwork in an intense match of…whatever.

Enter Jimbob420genericdouche. He only knows one person here and has entered a party that is clearly being hosted by the person not on his list. That’s a tad obnoxious, but he starts talking over everyone and isn’t even playing the same game as you. It’s already a bit annoying and rude that he’s disrupting your session, but he seems to be running color commentary about everything happening in his game. So colorful that he’s audibly raging into his microphone; which brings us to the our next sin.

People on microphone that have zero concept of volume control. You probably don’t know who you are, because you’re an ignorant no-neck! Check the microphone sensitivity on your system. If your regular speaking voice is going into the red levels, you’re most likely hurting our ears. If your parties tend to not last long and people seem to be have urgent needs to do something else…yeah, you may be billyloudmouth420.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s that one guy in every public multiplayer that isn’t saying anything into the mic, which is fine. We can hear you though, MouthbreatherMcCoughSometimes69.

It’s obnoxious, dude. If you’re not going to relay useful info to your team, use the mute on your headset. Please relay that info to CrunchingChipsInUrEarz99 as well.

At least you’re not as bad as CrappyMusicBroYOLO guy. You know him? That dick that plays shitty music into his microphone as if he’s doing you a favor. You’re in a public game saying nothing and forcing your bad music taste on other people. Is there something wrong with just enjoying your tunes on a personal level or something? Mute buttons were made for you people… though I wish we could do that whenever CrappyMusicBroYOLO drives past my house blasting that shit in a sad attempt at looking well endowed.

So, you’re on a hot streak in your competitive multiplayer game. The game is in the bag for you and you’re about to reap the rewards that your practised skill has rightfully earned; that is until RageQuitMcGee drops connection so he can dick you over in one last fit of petty defiance. We both know you lost the game, bro. You’re only making yourself look like a childish tool. You may have wasted our time and denied us exp or whatever, but you probably got publicly shamed on YouTube, owing to how easy it is to capture gameplay these days. Was it worth the salty branding you just got?

If you want people to play with and have a good time, don’t be that guy…nobody likes that guy.