Overwatch - Does D.Va need a buff?

Browsing my way across the internet and keeping my ear to the ground on my gaming obsession, I’m constantly stumbling across people pleading for D.Va to receive a buff after Blizzard nerfed her armor and damage a while back.

Apparently she’s “meh” to play because of the changes, and people can’t play her as well as they used to because she was over-nerfed. I really strongly disagree with that sentiment…

Now, I know that there will be people reading this and jumping to certain assumptions about my disagreement, so I’m going to preemptively dispel that BS.

If you’re assuming I disagree because I don’t want to be on the receiving end of the monster she used to be, you’re only 75% wrong. If you’re assuming I disagree because I’m not a D.Va main then you’re just straight up l wrong.

While it’s true that I don’t consider myself to have a main, D.Va is as close to a main in my heart as it gets…so, carrying on.

We’re nearing the first anniversary of Overwatch launching, and looking back at it, D.Va has certainly seen her fair share of tweaking since then.

It’s taken a lot of prodding around under the hood, but Blizzard finally nailed an incredible sense of balance with her.

We’ve witnessed her go from an underperforming mess of a character to a mobile dps monster to (currently) a wonderful off-tank that feels like she’s in an incredibly fair spot.

If I were the hat wearing sort I’d be tipping the fuck out of it to Daddy Jeff and the Overwatch team for getting something so overwhelmingly right!

I remember enjoying her at launch, but feeling like she was horrible at tanking because of how awfully limited her defense matrix was. Remember? It has a cool down on it and it was hard to protect people, making her a shitty tank.

Blizzard turn the defense matrix into a rechargeable resource that can be toggled, BAM, I can actually protect my team instead of being a bullet sponge charging enemy ultimates for free!

That was a stroke of genius. Except that it was a little too good, so they increase the recharge delay and suddenly it’s fair! It’s just as useful, but you can’t spam it.

Apparently she was struggling to sustain as a tank, though, so they gave her increased mobility when firing (which definitely helped) and stuck on an extra 100 health (which helped too freaking much)

She was an absolute monster. Could she be countered? Sure, but the level of effort to break her mech was disproportionate.

She was getting away with bully play tactics that she had no business getting away with.

That survivability allowed players to execute shoddy positioning with little to no punishment, a solo-killing dps at that could decide on a whim that she felt like tanking now and then.

So, the simple solution was the best for balance. They swapped a nice chunk of her armor for health and dialed her damage down by 8%, suddenly she’s getting punished when she should be.

In my opinion, I feel like the people crying for D.Va buffs are just upset that they can’t play her as a near indestructible lone-wolf dps anymore. I don’t think they realize that she now plays like she was intended to.

Simply put, I feel like their butts are aching something fierce because she takes a lot more skill and thought to make the most of, so now they play Symmetra… (I’m half kidding, calm down)

I love playing as D.Va more than ever. One of my absolute favorite things to do is run her as an off-tank behind a Reinhardt, using defense matrix to absorb flank damage, protect the backline so he can do his job.

I love denying Tracer, Genji and Pharah access to my supports and launching off when needed to knock high ground threats out of position, or negating a Bastion while the dps burst him down.

I love rescuing out of position dps I see on low health and escorting them into cover, or matrixing a 76, or Reaper so they can safely use their ultimate for us.

D.Va is a character that feels great to play, but you need to have a team play mindset to truly enjoy her playstyle and make the best of it. If you’re interested in solo fragging the enemy most of the game…well, there are other characters for that, but the game is in a good state that means you’ll get punished for it when you should.

I honestly can’t think of a reason that D.Va would need any kind of buff right now. I guess that’ll all depend on how future balancing changes and characters affect her.

For now, I say leave her alone and pick a DPS if that’s what’s getting your undies in a wad.

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