What NOT to do when playing multiplayer in The Division

Playing multiplayer in Tom Clancy’s The Division can be fun and a great way to meet people. However, you may wonder why, you constantly get kicked from multiplayer groups. Here are some clues as to why.

  1. Break stuff down, sell or stash it as you go — don’t make us constantly wait for you
  2. Your microphone
    a. That hum is annoying as hell
    b. It sounds like a bus station in your living room
    c. Unless the group approves, I don’t want to hear music in the background
    d. Change your smoke detector battery, you may be used to that high pitched noise every 15 seconds, I am not
  3. When someone is group leader do what they are doing, fighting somewhere else on the map is a dick move
  4. Knock off the unsolicited invites and friend requests, if we played together for a while, it’s fine, but just because I am standing next to you in the Underground doesn’t mean I want to play with you
  5. Political, religious or racists conversations, thanks for letting me know you want me to block you