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Letter sent on Aug 15, 2016

How to use Feedly for your content marketing effort

Everyone knows Feedly and other RSS feed readers that were popular once upon a time (not long ago…) until Apps like Flipboard and inShorts showed up and changed the way we consume news articles.

Feedly has gone through many changes over the past few years and I have been an active user right from beta version.

My current feedly homepage is cluttered with bioinformatics news

I have multiple Feedly accounts with different focus topics. My official email enabled Feedly account has a lot of bioinformatics articles and genomics news websites. It is my daily source of inspiration for my day job — being a cancer research scientist

I have another account full of digital marketing and social media blog posts. It is very useful to catch up on the latest things happening in the blogosphere.

Content Curation is the challenge of the millennium

Feedly enables your content curation efforts by reducing the efforts of manually searching for high quality articles to share on your social media.

If you have never used it then I highly recommend that you start using Feedly now. You will be amazed at how easy it is to find content when most of the work is done for you by Feedly.

Start a free account and add your interests

Choosing your topics in feedly for content curation

Install the browser extension or just bookmark it and check once a day.

Better yet — Automate it

Feedly now supports IFTTT integrations

IFTTT is now integrated right inside Feedly

Content curated from Feedly can now be automatically exported to your favorite tools via IFTTT

Some ideas — Get Productive
Productivity tools that can be integrated with Feedly

Your imagination is the limit with what you can accomplish with a tool like Feedly — whats stopping you from start using it right away

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Also if you have some great IFTTT recipes please share in the comments

Have a great day !!!

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