It’s 2019, people search for you! You Need a Website for your Personal Branding!

Once upon a time, the business card was the first thing a stranger — potential customer, potential boss, possible work contact — was given to form an opinion about you or your brand or yourself.
It was important that the card was polished and professional, yet not dull or similar to others, that gave a person all the needed information about the owner.

Nowadays, business cards are still circulating, but they’re not — or at least, not always — the first thing someone will know about you. In the Internet Era, business cards have been substituted by websites. In fact, people search online for everything, including people. Having a great website and a precise positioning gives you the authority you need. If they do not find anything about you, for sure they are not going to trust you 100%.

Precisely as the business cards, though, websites have to follow some rules to be perceived as “a good one”:

  • It has to be clear what the website talks about: creativity is a fine approach, but clarity is even a better one. The users who approach your website must understand with a glance what type of business they are looking at. The same speech is valid if the website is your personal one, and you want to propose yourself as a professional in the field where you work.
  • It has to be professional and built by professionals: unless you’re an expert about web marketing, design, and copywriting, a polished and effective website must be created by competent experts. In this way, not only your website will be unique, and it will guarantee you not to be forgotten in the ocean of websites that offer services like the ones you offer, but it also has the advantage to give you the certainty that is well — built. What do we mean with this definition? That it conveys all the critical pieces of information that interest customers quickly, efficiently, and in a unique way.
  • It has to be yours: people love stories and stories are valued content to offer. A website, unlike a social channel, doesn’t force you to pick between the type of information you have to share. You have all the space you can wish for and, as long as it’s an organised one, you can open all the sections you need. This is the opportunity to offer more than sales information. Speak to customers and potential ones, showing them what values drive you and your brand, what you have in your business that can improve their lives or at least add something unique.

Now, why agencies like us here at Targeto insist that you think about having a website that is more than just the points above?

Because nowadays having a nice or even decent website isn’t enough anymore, not if you want to establish a strong personal branding — for more info about personal branding, you can read this article.

In a market that is saturated with brands and entrepreneurs that have websites, an excellent website that is also part of a marketing funnel strategy is your passport for success.

How can you direct the traffic towards your website?
Ideally, when using a funnel, you would be able to direct the leads towards this sequence:
- Leads find your site
- They check out your product pages
- They pick a product and put it into their cart
- They check out and complete the purchase
Sadly, we all know things aren’t either so straight or straightforward. Research established that only 2.5% of the users complete their checkout purchasing something. The others need to be courted, and it’s here that a website inserted in a marketing funnel strategy starts to count.
Let’s see how we can use a website to help our business grow and build authority towards yourself or your brands:

  • When a user finds or has been directed towards a website that is clear, competent, and easy to use, their idea about the brand behind the site is that they are clear, relevant, and easy to reach. This is the idea you want to promote to your audience: the person who invests time and money to offer an excellent online experience to their customers is someone worth doing business with. A website gives you all the space you need to promote your products, offer deals for individual customers, and speak about what you do. Leads that are likely to be converted into buyers want more than sterile commercial information, and you should give them reasons to trust your competence.
  • You have to narrate to the audience why you are a professional. It’s possible for your sharing tips and tricks, ideas, reviewers from past customers. Show them what you have already accomplished, give them detailed insights to trust your words. Making your website part of a personal branding strategy equals giving yourself an open stage where to perform for your users. You don’t have only to impress them, but you have the tools to show them why you can improve their lives — or, at least, their purchasing experience.
  • Opening a “Frequently Asked Questions” section and building a brief survey to send your customers are tools able to tell you how your digital marketing campaign is doing, what part of your online presence needs more polishing, and how people perceive you.
    Plus, let’s not forget it, customers always appreciate the occasion to express their opinion.
  • You can start your own online Community. Your website is a manifesto of your work, and people would welcome the opportunity to interact with your or your brand. Opening a blog or a forum section means giving a free space of discussion to all the users you want to convert into leads and then into buyers. Adding video about your activity, articles you think are interesting, answering questions, offering advice, all of this contributes to reinforce the idea that you know what you’re doing in your field, and that you’re a voice worth listening to listen. You are an AUTHORITY!

How Targeto Helps You:

As you can see here, we can optimise your website, create together with your Automated Email, Coaching your employees in the newest Marketing techniques. We can make sure that your website is working at its full potential, attracting customers and diminishing the time for the ROI. If you give us your trust, we will return your results. We know how difficult it is standing among others, especially competitors. However, if you’re reading this article, it means that the first step needed has already been taken: you found the experts who can help you.

If you’re interested, please click here to schedule a completely free call with our team. We will be glad to meet you and see how we can make your business emerge over all the others.

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