Paid Ads: Why should you invest in Digital Advertisement?

Flavio Sbriglia
Feb 28 · 6 min read

In 2019, topics such as Digital Advertisement, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing still represent unknown realities to many businesses; meeting many brands and entrepreneurs wishing to explore the possibilities given by new advertising channels, I noticed how the general idea about the Internet it’s that more or less everything is free.

Do you want to open your blog? You can do it for free. Do you want to start a Youtube channel? You can do it for free. Do you want to promote your business all by yourself? Yes, you can do it except that you shouldn’t.
Especially if you want a return from your investment, both in terms of money and time.

The major problem when an entrepreneur or a company wants to launch their business online is that they don’t are professionals who know how digital marketing works in depths, and they think they can eventually become one.

Having a business online doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to promote it taking advantage of what the magnitude of online tools can offer.

For example, did you know that recent research established that 45% of people use Ads blockers when they’re online? How can you show people you’re not going to bother them, but you want to offer them an experience instead? Do you know what Retargeting means? Moreover, how to keep track of your Ad Campaigns’ progress?

Doing digital marketing is a professional business, where everyone works to promote and spread your product, and it’s not a simple one.

Given this, the first step you have to take is to hire someone who has clear that nowadays people wants advertisements that don’t sound like the old ones on tv. Your potential customer wants to understand precisely why your offer is unique and to do so you must engage them fist.

Most important, the Internet could be considered free, but you should imagine it as a factory. They can give you some free samples, but more advanced tool needed work to be created, and there is a reason why you should use — and pay — for them.

Moreover, there’s something around the internet which is extremely worth paying for: Ads.

Let’s talk about how it’s worth paying for your advertisement online, then.

First of all, why do you want to advertise your product?

You have a product or a brand, and you want other people to be informed about it. You want this because you want to sell it. Paying for your advertisement means you’ll be able to reach a consistent part of the target audience.

How much is this going to cost you?

That’s the best part of advertising online. When you hire a professional to take care of your advertisement you and they decide the right budget for every channel you want to target. After creating the right content for your ad — and for this, you will need a copywriter because of content! — the team of professionals is going to prospect you a plan and the related costs. There isn’t a general budget that can be indicated as the ideal one. Every case is unique and needs to be studied to find the solution that fits it perfectly. If you’re worried that it would be expensive to set up an effective campaign, though, let’s talk about ROAS.
What does ROAS mean, first of all? ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) is a metric that measures effectiveness on a specific campaign. The reason why you need to set a target ROAS it it’s pretty simple: it helps you and your marketing team to keep an eye on how the digital advertising campaign is performing. Optimising this metric requires a team which will be capable of showing which strengths and flaws your digital strategy has and it shows its potential when a clear budget is defined and the profit margins are realistic. Also, in this case, any business is different. Some can survive a low ROAS for some times, but others must take it as the signal that their advertising isn’t working. The quicker you let a professional act, the more you’ll obtain from your investment.

Who is going to see your ads?

When you organize a Paid Ads campaign, you’re searching for the right customers, the ones who will be really into your product and ready to spend money on it. You can target an audience based on its interests, its intent, its geographical location, its favourite pizza flavour, or its cat’s breed.

The data analytics are your best friends in helping you to do so.

How can analytics help us, however? Simply, it gives us a smart way of looking at the data collected about our audience, and it reorganises this same information telling us you what people who engaged with your campaign have in common and who else matches those criteria around the internet. This formula takes care of showing you — or better, your marketing team — what are the common factors that brought people to search or show interest for your product. It can tell you what keywords have been used, where do they come from, what are the topics they’re interested in, where they have been, and most importantly, where similar people will be. Simply put, data analytics are the maps able to show what path a consumer takes online, what are the “touch-points” that are relevant to our strategy.

Have you ever notice that if you are thinking of buying a new car, you’ll see more often banners and ads showing you car — related subjects? That’s because you probably searched words as “cars,” “new cars,” and so on, or you were visiting a blog about cars! Some Advertiser might have also “seen” you sought information about hiking or a particular city, so they’re going to propose you what they think you could be interested more, like a car dealer in the town you research or the last model of SUV. The same thing will happen to your advertisement.

Where your ads are going to be seen?

There is a great number of places where your ads can be launched. Social Networks, Websites, Emails, Apps, Videos etc.

Many opportunities don’t mean that you have to cover it all the same way or at all. The secret beyond an effective marketing campaign is to find the right place for your ads, and focus on that. This matter must be researched because if your ideal target doesn’t go in the place where you’re going to promote you the product no potential customer will see it. See why hiring someone competent s going to spare you time?

What options do you have?

There are many different types of paid advertisements, each of them ready to bring you its peculiar advantage. Depending on the Traffic channel you ha have selected you have several options to choose from. It could be an In-Stream Video on Facebook , a Pop-Up Ad on a Politics Newspaper, a Search Ad on Google, a Sponsored InMail on LinedIn, a Native Ad on CNN. Maybe you already know some of them, but the options and opportunities are countless.

One of the greatest advancements made in Digital Advertisement is given by Remarketing/Retargeting: this happens when an advertising channel puts a cookie (thanks to Pixels and Tags) in the browser of someone who reacts to our content performing an action. When this person comes back to the channel, they will see your ad inviting them back with a stronger call-to-action.

There are others way as well, of course, and what they have in common is that a paid advertisement in the investment that gives you the chance to reach for a bigger pool of customers. If you’re not doing it, someone else is.

What else should you know?

Aside from keeping in mind that effectively doing digital advertising means to hire a professional, remember that the advantages are enormous: you decide the budget, you can interact with your audience, you have the chance to convert visitors in customers.

Embracing the option of paid ads means your product will have the proper space to grow and be known. Not only, paid ads have the advantage to show you quickly what is working or not for your digital marketing campaign. You’re going to waste less time waiting for results — or their absence — because the analytics will already be able to tell you how the part of the Internet that interests you is reacting. The first results aren’t just only about if your brand is gaining followers, but if you’re reaching the aimed target or goals, both in terms of visibility, engagement and sells.

If you want to start exploring the world of digital advertisement as soon as possible, not wasting valuable time and reaching your goals, you can find our team here:

Targeto is an Attention-Based Ad Firm, helping Companies & Professionals create and launch effective Marketing Funnels. Visit

Flavio Sbriglia

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Director and Co-Founder at Targeto | I share knowledge about industry trends and innovations, creating practical frameworks for the businesses of today.

Targeto is an Attention-Based Ad Firm, helping Companies & Professionals create and launch effective Marketing Funnels. Visit

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