What’s Working with a Digital Advertising Agency Like? The power of Externalisation.

Nicolò Augusto Manica
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7 min readApr 11, 2019


There is a particular sentence that whoever works in any non-traditional field — such as art, digital, marketing, etc. — sooner or later hears “Why should I pay you?”.

Working with a variety of brands and always approaching new ones, I can’t help but notice how many brands still have a hard time understanding what’s the real deal when working with an Advertising Agency. The Internet today looks approachable and intuitive; no barriers seem to be in between a company and the development of their successful online presence.

The Internet is a vast potential stage for a brand or an entrepreneur, but being online doesn’t necessarily mean being viewed or have a return in terms of sells and conversion of random users into customers.

Being online means being in a huge arena where everybody is shaking an imaginary poster with the name and photo of whatever they want to sell or buy. Imagine being at the center of this chaos, with uncountable options being offered to you. Which one are the ones that interest you? And how did the sellers find you?

Digital marketing is a tool that answers these questions.

Let’s start by saying that digital marketing is a different branch of marketing than traditional one.

  • When we say traditional marketing, we speak about business advertise on TV and radio, fliers, billboards, ads written in newspapers and magazines. Its goal is to promote among viewers a specific product or brand after a company or an entrepreneur pay for their advertisement.
  • Digital marketing isn’t that much different in terms of objectives: it wants to promote a business or a product after the owner hired a team of professionals, and wants to attract customers. It uses a different channel to communicate with the audience: social channels, websites, blogs, posts. All that you can find online, and that is useful to interact with other users.
  • The difference is also in terms of investment. Traditional marketing often requires a consistent budget to reach all the media. Even printing a bunch of fliers requires money and if you want that a lot of people see your advertisement, you must be ready to pay a fair amount of money.
  • To organize a digital marketing campaign you need to invest as well, yet you can potentially reach a vast audience without spending a little fortune.
  • When you organize a traditional marketing campaign, you have to wait for some weeks to check how well it’s proceeding. Only after having consistent results you can change what is not working. Then, you have to wait again to see if your marketing team’s efforts are working. There is also another factor. You can see if a campaign is promoting well your brand thanks to an increment of sells, but you can’t check much else: what people think of it? Is an ad that doesn’t appeal to your target? Which part is the favorite among your customers?
  • Digital marketing, instead, let you know how your digital marketing campaign is being received very quickly. We’re talking of days, not weeks. You can check on it not only visualizing how much engagement you created — how many likes, repost and comments you had — but also using tools like Google analytic. These types of tools let you know how your ROI is going. ROI means Return of Investment and is a performance measure that let you know how much of your money invested in digital advertising is generating a profit for you. It can be calculated by dividing the benefit on an investment by the cost of it. The result will be expressed as a percentage which gives you easily the big picture of how well the digital campaign is doing.

You can see now why digital marketing is gaining popularity. Not only Fortunate 500 and big corporates use it, but also private citizens who have something to advertise, startups, family businesses, all of them can hire a professional and organize a digital marketing campaign spending only the budget they want to.

To air a commercial during the Super Bowl costs around $ 4 million.

To create compelling advertisements that can virtually reach your target everywhere requires much, much less and you are in charge of how much you want to invest.

However, there are conditions to respect.

And here we are again. Let’s see why your cousin’s brother — in — law’s friend can’t help you for a couple of bucks — if he’s not a qualified digital marketer, of course.

The Internet is mostly free — mostly!

You can watch videos, read articles, just browsing around and it costs you nothing. Hence the idea that every activity linked to the Internet should be free has spread around.

However, working with the Internet’s audience is a real right job, and it requires professionals and competent workers to deal with it. Therefore, hiring a good team is the first move you should perform if you want to strengthen your online presence.

What are the advantages of hiring a team of professionals to organize and managing your digital presence?

  • You will find someone who listens to your ideas and improves them: if you hire someone, you do so because you recognize they know more about a particular matter, in this case, a digital marketing campaign, then you do. Keep in mind that your success means your digital marketers’ success. Therefore they’re interested in managing well your digital campaign. At the same time, they will be able to guide you, telling you why something is not working.
  • Check on your results: we said it’s easy to monitor a digital marketing campaign, thanks to tools that help you translate the analytics. Hiring a team of digital marketers gives you the chance to have someone else to do this. Besides, they will be able to in they will be able to intervene quickly if the strategy should require adjustments. As said before, marketers will make sure every dollar you spent will return — the famous ROAS, Return Of Ad Spending — to you in terms of visibility and/or an increase of sells.
  • Professionals know how to manage a digital marketing campaign: once found the right team of marketers to push your product toward your aimed target, their job starts. They will study the best strategy to promote your brand while engaging with your customers, they will manage your social channels and build an advertisement able to reach users who are interested in your product. They know how to interact with them without annoying them and how to build an excellent online reputation for your business.

As you saw, doing Digital Marketing requires skills that only professionals have. It’s their job, after all!

If you want to improve your online presence and make an investment that will repay you, the best suggestion is to hire someone who knows the job, who won’t prospect you miracles but accurate results. Someone like us at Targeto: www.targeto.com/

We will be glad to help you in expanding your business and your online presence. Feel free to schedule a digital strategy session for free here.

However, you’re probably wondering why you should choose us to expand online your business and manage your digital marketing campaign?

As you could see in this article, being online doesn’t imply that your brand will be noticed any time soon. You can have commissioned the best website and have a great slogan or tons of information in your social channels, and yet you aren’t receiving the return you hoped after making your investment. No customers, no likes, no visits.

Don’t worry, we’re professionals who know how to act to repair this situation. Promoting your product and your business is exactly what we do at Targeto. Our primary goal is to grab the market’s attention or, simply put, to increase the engagement towards your brand. Not only, but we also want to convert visitors into (potential) customers.

How we do so?

We’re able to organize and manage through every step a Digital Advertising Campaign.

The three fundamental steps we study and then build are:

  • Defining the best strategy to promote your business, taking steps such as establishing a budget together with you, finding a target interested in your product, examining what way is the more efficient to engage with your customers.
  • Creating a compelling digital marketing campaign, studying the best way to promote your business via social channels and online ones.
  • Executing the plan built previously, launching the digital marketing campaign and monitoring it. We want to loop you in all the process and show you how things are going. After all, you’re the boss!

Once your digital campaign is launched, however, we won’t leave you alone. Targeto prides itself to offer you a complete and customised consultation. Not only we will work with you when suggesting the digital marketing strategy that fit best your business, but we also give you updates about how things are working out.

A serious digital marketing campaign, ran by professionals, doesn’t promise miracles as we said above. We do, however, offer competent advice and help you to increase your visibility online.

We have already established that a serious digital marketing campaign run by professionals doesn’t promise miracles. We do, however, offer competent advice and help you to increase your visibility online, carefully crafting and full — time managing your digital campaign.

If you’re curious to see what other we can offer you, visit us at www.targeto.com/



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