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Netflix is showing you ads in a different way?

Netflix Red Logo
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If you don’t know already Netflix is a premium OTT platform where you can watch movies, Netflix’s original shows. Netflix has always been proud of its no-ad policy, meaning it doesn’t need ads to generate company revenue it uses subscriptions. Currently, Netflix has 185 million people paying to watch their content adding all that made Netflix $1.9 Billion dollars in 2019.

Netflix says it is doesn’t have ads but in there famous shows such as Stanger Things, To All the boys I have loved, and others… They have endorsed products such as Subway, Coco-Cola, Burger Kings, etc. Stranger Things also have there owned merchandise brand. Netflix repeatedly denies these accusations and says that it’s just a coincidence but it doesn’t look that way.

Subway website promoting Netflix’s New Webseries
Subway promoting Netflix

In Netflix’s most famous show Stranger Things, they promoted hundreds of brands and promoted their merch but this is against Netflix's policies, right?

No, Netflix says it multiple times in the membership article that their site doesn't have ads or promote ads of any kind so why this is a thing? Hmm Is it because the show didn't have proper funding from Netflix for the first season?



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