One day in Taringa!’ long tail

This week Taringa! turns 12 years old and it’s a good excuse to dig into the data of Latin America’s largest social content platform. What goes on during one day in the platform? How many stories are created? What impact have those stories? How much traffic those stories generate?, among other things. We found notable findings and reaffirm certain concepts that the team already knew.

To begin with, the amount of generated actions. It’s really impressive even compared with large global platforms like Buzzfeed, New York Times or The Huffington Post.

In Taringa! this happens every day:

  • The posts created in the same day generate about 1 million page views in the same day they where published.
  • In total there are more than 5.6 million page views per day.

This means that more than 80 percent of the content that is accessed through Taringa! is part of the long tail, Chris Anderson can say. It means that it’s content accessed over time and still has an audience later on.

Taringa!’s community is significantly active. It generates:

  • More than 28,000 comments per day in longform articles called “Posts”.
  • Moments with 1,800 comments per hour, usually during the afternoon.
  • The brand new Shouts app has 160,000 registered users.
  • More than 15,000 interactions per day in the micro content section named “Shouts”.
  • More than 22,000 comments per day in “Shouts”.

Posts creation in Taringa! is distributed regionally in the Spanish-speaking world in a way thats not balanced with article consumption. While Argentina tops the ranking of user-generated and commented content, reading is distributed across all the countries of Latin America in a more proportional way.

Distribution of readers per country (over a week)

Taringa! viralizes content differently than other social networks, with a large impact of automatic mailing lists with the best posts of the day. As shown in the next graph, there is a post that had a strong rise few days ago:

The reason? The post was published on April 5th and is called What kind of porn women search? It is based on a report from PornHub showing visualisations on different types of porn interests from women in different countries. The Taringa! engine detected the growing interest of the community and automatically promoted it through its daily mailing list. Its consumption exploded once distributed: a few days later it was reaching 100,000 visits.

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