Code Retreat, coding a break!

The Mafia of Tarka Labs

Tada!! Macbooks, charts, Lego, projectors all set.

The most awaited team time for Tarka Labs is here. This is specifically a celebration for Tarkans as this is the only time we get together. 
Yes, you heard it right. Being a remote company, we toil as smaller teams from office, client locations(foreign destinations- two amongst us have missed the retreat) and some lucky ones get to work from home, caffeinated.

Our beach Sojourn

Our stay for three days was a palatial villa overlooking the pool which most of us used only to forcefully push people into, a beautiful lawn where we spent most of the time playing and sipping our hot cuppa with bhajjis made by the cook who claimed Amitabh Bachan was a fan of his Chettinad chicken gravy. The only sound was of the beach with poised winds and waves in the distance.

Billboards for Micro products and Sessions

Day 1: Shark tank, no not a spoof of the reality TV show. It is our version where the developers pitch in their micro product ideas and paired up with folks to go about building products. Then followed by sessions on UX design to scaling systems, Load balancing with a slight dose of coding.

As we slipped into the night with a campfire and some fun games. The silence of the night was too compelling for us to play a game or two of Mafia( we retired to bed but little did we know that we would end up playing this game till dawn.

Day 2 began with gamboling and flying drones to building micro products with an unlimited supply of cuppa. Sessions on using a simple design toolkit, Scrum workshop occupied most of the day.

Teams @ work

Welcome to the Lego world!!

Scrum workshop had us on our toes by breaking the tasks into sprints and the scrum master went about giving us insights on product description, functionality, and reliability of the product. In real time client engagements, ideas assimilated from such workshops are translated to offer well thought, customized solutions.

Lego Pets made from the workshop

Some snippets of the impromptu sessions,

Session on Load Balancer and basics of Sketch, designing.

As the night progressed it was time for the campfire and retrospective. The primary discussions revolved around projects, men & matters with reflecting the past year and plans & proposals for 2019.

The Mafia

It was now time for Mafia, as most of us were more thorough with the game on the second day, the competition grew intense in strategizing, accusations and finding the mafia. One of the reasons that this game went on to be a huge hit was due to the logical reasoning and argumentative traits that the players naturally expressed like when they work on projects. We played a gazillion rounds over the night to retire to bed only at 3 AM.

Day 3 was more fun and frolic with some brainstorming and as the day progressed we had a presentation on our goals, finance, and marketing strategy.

The take away from the retreat is to be more collaborative as a team, and there isn’t a greater interface than the human mind. The retreat giving us enough dopamine surge, here we are 2019 to kickstart some exciting work.

Adios Amigo…