Why is route optimisation important for my business?

So you manage a fleet of vehicles …

… or a mobile workforce … that visits multiple destinations every day — your customers. Some, or all, of these destinations change every day.

You need to plan make sure that every customer is successfully visited. Additionally you also need to consider various constraints specific to your businesses — Customers preferred time window, vehicle capacity and type, driver shifts or skills required. On top of this, you need to decide how you get this information to your employees

With a very small workforce planning this manually is fine, but the time it takes will grow a lot faster than the number of customers you have.

So what do you do?

Well you could either:

Split your workforce into territories

Leave the planning and management to your workers and hope they care as much about your customers as you do. Or…

Automate with a Route Optimisation Solution

Of course you choose the latter, don’t do it by hand, get a computer to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem for you! For a fleet of 5 vehicles or more a route optimisation solution can reduce delivery costs by 30%.

Tarot Routing

By Tarot Analytics is such a route optimisation platform. The simplest and the fastest optimisation solution on the market it allows you to quickly optimise, taking into account your specific business constraints, dispatch this information to your drivers. Our proof of delivery module then keeps track of progress, allowing you to jump on any issue the moment it occurs.

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