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4. The Emperor — Successful and strategic leadership

Tarot Through Stories (in lack of better examples, my own life)

Photography (C) Pepi Valderrama/ Depicted: The Muse Tarot & Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot

The day I got the role of Team Leader I couldn’t believe it. I was visiting my family for winter holidays and when I read the message that I had been the chosen one, I gasped. Among six candidates, I was the chosen one despite of being in the company for six months. Obviously, I said yes and embarked myself into the adventure of leading a Team in Anti-Fraud.

Let me tell you, I never thought I would become a Team Leader, least of all in the area of preventing fraud. As with many things in my life, I don’t think too much, yet take calculated risks. You see, I went to the interview totally unprepared, and yet once I knew I would be the one, I started thinking about a strategy to present myself again among my peers. Being so new and knowing so little about fraud at the time, it looked like it would be a heck of a challenge. It was, but I called my inner Emperor and it helped me go through many dramas in the office.

The energy of the Emperor is direct and bold. It provides structure and it leads to success. And yet, on the negative side, it prevents you to move since too many strategic thinking brings no action at all.

KEYWORDS: planning and delivering, structure, leadership, strategic thinking, legacy, being a provider, a business person, building and expanding an empire, being a bedrock. On the flip side: too much thinking, being weak, becoming a tyrant.

Successful Leadership

To become a successful Leader one needs to know human nature. Having a whip on your hand and punishing folk around in the office won’t work. Giving cookies to everybody won’t work either. What works is a balance of both: not too loose and not to strict. Something, as you know, quite difficult to achieve. This means that you won’t be forever loved by your folk. Some will complain, some will lie and say it was you oh-tyrant, even when it wasn’t.

Whether it’s being a Team Leader or an entrepreneur (of which I know both sides), the essence of being a leader and having to have a mountain of a heart and defend it remains. All with enough love to give to people without going on the bitter side.

Success feels and is understood in different fashion depending on the person. And yet, we all agree how it feels: amazing! Small or big, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel good with the definition of success. And that’s calling your inner Emperor.

One of my sweetest victories as a Team Leader was training and seeing three different agents go beyond. Not only they went through training with a smile on their faces, they also progressed on the field. And that thrilled me! When someone I’ve been giving some advice to, or someone who has listened to some of my (let’s call it) wisdom, I feel on the top of the world. I love seeing success stories.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging at times. Basically, you most likely will end up thinking about all the ways you can make things happen and if not unleash the beast on yourself (that’s when you have to call your inner Empress). However, being an entrepreneur is very much like being the Tarot Emperor: you want to provide, you want to expand, and you want to create your Kingdom (size doesn’t matter!)

The Emperor provides, leads and rules. He gives structure and counsel. And above all, he commands. The problem with the Emperor reversed is when he becomes a tyrant or when he ditches ruling altogether. This happens in real life when you’re consumed by power when you’re the one taking all the decisions. Or when you cower because exactly the same reason.

The Emperor is also a very masculine partner. Think of the Emperor as the epiphany of the male that can knock on your door. And if you’re the Empress on the reading, you’re set for success. Beware however, as in power and in love, up and down with the Emperor is very important. Someone who will provide but is very controlling isn’t fun at all, especially when the controlling comes masked with kindness.

Call the Emperor within to lead yourself into success.

Here’s the thing: to channel your inner Emperor into real life you have to think about success in leading yourself into the goals you want to achieve, one strategic move at a time. This implies a set of thinking going on, and yet not too much as to get paralyzed. It also implies to being self-reliant, having confidence and having the (excuse me the vocabulary) “ballz” to not giving a damn when envious eyes and mouths come your way.

The Emperor is fair and just, and yet he has to stand a lot of (again, excuse me for the vocabulary) “bullshit”. The Emperor will only engage in battles that are worthy and forget the rest. Only when it’s needed he’ll go to war. This means that those petty comments or rumors about you around the office aren’t worthy of your time. Don’t sweat them.

People lie and create drama. In those moments, channel your inner Emperor and don’t care much about those. You know, karma comes banging on the door, there’s no need to go all comando on those.

And that, my friend, is what makes a very upright Emperor. Someone who doesn’t “eat bullshit” and knows where to put their energy. Plus, he’s an strategic thinker that will make him achieve the best. Need some help in organizing the next meeting for the office? No problem — channel your inner Emperor.

Determination, organization and a balanced thinking will bring you to utter success.

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