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GEMINI — BONUS: Timeless reading for when it finds you

In pursue of your dreams (despite all the jealousy around you!)

You’re pursuing your dreams (or are about to do it), with passion to go to a better future. However, there might be some limitations and even jealousy along your way. Just don’t take it seriously and keep it up.

This is a general reading for you, dear Gemini. Please take with you what resonates. You can also read your Moon sign to have a clearer picture of what energies are into play around you when this reading finds you.

(C) Pepi Valderrama — Modern Witch Tarot, Yogic Path Tarot, Runes for the Modern Life, Britt’s Tarot

TEN OF PENTACLES x THE CHARIOT — Going forward to a better future

You’ve been going forward to a much better future. You’re fulfilled and happy, and want more things to come! It’s even possible that you’ve moved home. Your past just looks fantastic!

SIX OF SWORDS x FOUR OF PENTACLES — Going to a better future but with limitations

Something has happened along the way. You feel that your progress is limited somehow. Maybe you think you don’t have all the skills that you need to succeed. Or maybe your environment is making you feel “contained”.

KNIGHT OF WANDS — Pursuing your dreams

No matter the limitations, you’re just going to pursue your dreams. The passion is there, the mojo is there, and it’s burning! You’ve got enough courage to make your dreams come true, even if at times you might feel limited.

OJAS x DHUMAVATI — Rest now, the struggles were only for you to learn and acquire more skills

If you’ve felt limited or exhausted because there was too much going on, it’s not because the Universe wants you to fail but because it wanted you to have all the skills necessary. Without the experience, you wouldn’t have the knowledge to succeed. Have peace in the heart, for what you’ve learnt is all useful.

ALGIZ x DAGAZ — Transforming and protecting

There’s a need to protect your energy since there’s a lot of negative one around you. However, there’s hope that things will change. You’ll transform beautifully if you protect yourself and go away from the bad energy that’s putting you down.

PAGE OF CUPS x THREE OF SWORDS and THE HERMIT — You were hurt somehow and went in solitude mode

There’s a need to recharge your energy at this time. You were hurt by an offer that might not have been what it seemed. However, there’s major healing and learning at this time. With rest and going within, you’ll find the light to be your own guru.

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