The lie of Piccadilly Circus — spoken word

Here people gather under neon signs
A consumer culture where we’re told things are just fine
But I ain’t buying it no more — not your stuff or your ideology
Consumerism has us in a state of moral decline

Suspended in a cycle of endless buying
Tired of this insidious message that we should be trying
to keep up — keep current and consume
Buying more stuff WILL make you happy
We’re showing you how to live — keep complying

Samsung phones, a digital marvel in your hands
Access to your friends electronically — making plans
to meet up.. stay in touch, get together
But your friends are now trapped in an oblong of glass and plastic
They are friends in your pocket forever

McDonalds selling a dream to our young
If you’re hungry ask Dad to take you here — it’s fun
but only for the second that the burger passes your lips
the cost is our planet, our health
and the circumference of our hips

Buy a refreshing Coke — the worlds most powerful brand
“Open Happiness” they say — I think it should be banned
for causing water shortages in India
Polluting groundwater, bioethical offenders
Opening a can of pop in London destroys third-world communities
This has to stop

Piccadilly Circus is a capitalist holy place
A shrine to consumerism — this countries most powerful religion
where there is no space
for individualism. Buy Samsung, Eat McDonalds, Drink Coke
These products WILL make you happy
It’s a lie we’ve bought, so we buy and try to conform to the dream.
We’ve got to stop it

We exist for higher reasons than to live and create profit.

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