Is TARUSH ‘Yet Another Crypto’?

Apr 11, 2019 · 5 min read

Indeed, it is a crypto venture, but not ‘just another’ project that addresses pretty much the same issues while using the same technologies. Basically, TARUSH aims to bring efficiency in the niche by targeting the trio of privacy, scalability, and fungibility. Of course, all of these features exist in every cryptocurrency, but their ‘state-of-the-art’ efficiencies, as promised at the time of launch, do not exist anymore. It either happens because of the overlooking tech geeks and developers involved in the project or the network gets congested over a period of time.

Let’s have a look at the core elements that differentiate TARUSH from most of the budding ventures in the niche.

Extending the pioneering concept

The blockchain technology has infinite use cases and in order to cater to the rising trends, several blockchain protocols and frameworks have been created in the last 3–5 years. However, our main purpose is not to implement a ‘unique’ use case. TARUSH is focusing on utilizing the new technology in order to offer the features with their true efficiency, as promised by Bitcoin back in 2009. From that perspective, the venture is pretty straightforward yet simple. However, the utility is quite significant, particularly at the time when we know the top 2 currencies are suffering from the problems related to privacy, scalability, and fungibility.

The technology

It lays the main foundation for the robustness of any online venture, let alone the crypto niche. That is why TARUSH has taken into account the latest protocol and blockchain.

It happens to be one of the latest blockchains used for launching currency-based ventures. Its main characteristic is to favor scalability by reducing the size of transaction information and hence, diminishing the size of the chain. Unlike most of the protocols that continue increasing the chain size after every successful transaction, MimbleWimble allows optimization and hence, boosts scalability. This is quite a direct approach to address the scalability problem, as compared with the rest of the blockchains.

It does not only give TARUSH a prominent edge over the competitors, but the protocol can also be integrated with the main Bitcoin network as on off-chain with the help of a soft fork.

If you have heard of it for the first time, please note that PoW happens to be a consensus algorithm that is much safer and effective than it’s significant other, PoS, in many regards. It does not only promote customer loyalty and awards such users, but PoW also diminishes the risk of centralization.

Basically, the participants are involved in a process called ‘mining’ and they have to solve mathematical puzzles in order to be able to ‘arrange’ the order of the chain properly. This is a great help for the network since blockchain is all about maintaining data integrity. Therefore, whoever does it, is awarded crypto tokens as compensation.

In a couple of regards, it is safer than PoS since it requires participants to do ‘actual work’ in order to have a say in the network. However, it’s significant other, PoS, demands that whoever has the highest stake for the maximum amount of time, should enjoy a greater probability to verify the transaction, which could be used unethically at times.

Tron was initially launched to address the concerns of the entertainment industry and the native token of the platform is TRX. The statistics seemed pretty well and even as of now, the token happens to be among the top 10 in the niche — that is significant.

However, it cannot be ignored that the underlying technology is still in its early stages and several organizations are trying to figure out what they could to in this field and how to capture the maximum market. Therefore, towards the end of last year, Tron announced a smart contract development kit. If you remember, Ethereum also rolled out an initiative a couple of years back, that lead to the creation of hundreds and thousands of tokens. But there is a great difference in TRX’s initiative. This latest tool is highly efficient and yet, the aim is not to peg the budding ventures to TRX or to develop the native coin.

It basically facilitates the creation of truly decentralized ventures that do not require the developer/creator to be linked with any centralized organization.

Please note that in the beginning, Tron was also an Ethereum-based token, however, over the years, it realized the inefficiencies and launched its own network.

Even if we talk about Tron’s blockchain (we are not using it — just giving you an idea of their advanced technologies), the CEO admitted that it is likely to break some records by offering transaction costs 100x cheaper than EOS and efficiency approximately 200x more than Ethereum.

A word to wrap it up…

If you already know about the technologies mentioned above and their feasibility, then you must have realized how futuristic and robust TARUSH is, particularly when it comes to privacy, scalability, and fungibility.

Starting from MimbleWimble and ending right at Tron’s smart contract development kit, there is a clear sense of innovation and a sheer desire to implement decentralization in the venture. That is exactly what’s required of a blockchain project. If TARUSH were ‘yet another crypto venture’, we would have seen a significant technology dependent on Ethereum, because that’s easy to implement and lucrative for the venture owners. But that’s not happening here. Furthermore, in most of the projects, a centralized organization or a group of owners seem to be running a so-called decentralized venture. But that is totally avoided here as there is no management, organization or owner.

Plenty of projects seem to be marketing themselves as ‘an alternative to the BTC’. Even though that might seem true for TARUSH momentarily, the reality is different. This project highlights the issues in the Bitcoin network and addresses them by using robust technologies. Therefore, if jerthe BTC community finds them good enough, a soft fork can be performed to make it an off-chain of the main network.

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