How to connect Taskpace to your JobAdder account

The best bit about connecting Taskpace to your CRM is that it is simple, straightforward, and secure.

If you use JobAdder, you can get it done yourself with only a few clicks. It takes less than a minute from start to finish.

So, to connect Taskpace to JobAdder:

  1. Sign up to Taskpace.
  2. Choose JobAdder as your CRM.
  3. On the JobAdder page that appears next, approve access to your data. We only store the bare minimum and don’t share it with anyone.
  4. If you’re signing up before 31st May, add JOBADDERTP coupon to get a first month free.
  5. Enter your card details. We use Stripe — secure and reliable system.
  6. Voila! You’re in, and your daily plan is laid out before you. Enjoy!
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