It’s 2017. Who needs apps anyway?

These days, do you really need an app? What I need is for software to work on my phone. How it is done — don’t know, don’t care. It just has to work.

With that in mind, Taskpace web application runs smoothly on a device of any size, right from the browser. It understands portrait and landscape layouts, and rearranges things so that they are comfortable to use.

At the same time, quick access to Taskpace is key to making the most of it.

Here’s why you can easily add it to your phone’s home screen from your browser — on your iPhone, Android phone, or a Windows one.

After you do that, it looks like a regular app:

Looks like an app, feels like an app, works like an app. I call it an app.
The way I see it, it is an app that works on your phone and does not use any disk space.

More space left for the photos!

P.S. all icons are retina ready and will look good even on your ginormous Apple TV screen. Enjoy!

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