To Snooze or not to Snooze?

Every now and then you can’t complete the task at hand.

Sometimes, it needs to wait. A candidate can’t talk right now, a client is busy at the meeting, or you have something more important.

Now you can deal with that in Taskpace.

Introducing the Snooze feature — another way to take control of your work at hand.

Choose your Snooze!

Some time ago we’ve introduced the “Pin to top” button — it moved the tasks up.

Now, “Snooze” buttons move tasks to the bottom.

There are several options for the snooze:

  • short-term, 1-hour snooze — when you need to call again soon
  • snooze until 2 pm — typical when you get a task in the morning but can’t do anything until the afternoon; this option is not available after 2 pm
  • snooze until tomorrow — it will get back to haunt you the next day
  • snooze until next week — this is quite useful at the end of the week, or for getting back to people who are on vacation at the moment

How does it look? You start with a task like this:

Green and mean — you need to call, but it’s too late in the day already. Let’s snooze until the morning.

Let’s snooze it until tomorrow morning. Now it is grayed out and in the end of your task list:

It’s grayed out and at the bottom of the list. Not lost, but not important right now.

If you move your mouse over the red icon, you’ll see the details:

Tooltips are useful. Sometimes.

If you decide to un-snooze the task, you have the option, too.

With more control over your tasks, you become even more efficient in completing them.