4 Reasons Every Organization Needs a Knowledge Center

Capitalize on valuable data with simple software solutions

The most important thing in business, in addition to the product, is the information or knowledge gained in the process of its unfolding. Data is sometimes even more valuable than the product itself, but for most organizations, it is often just an after thought.

Having a center for knowledge is not only profitable, but it is a very practical tool and solution for enterprises in various lines of work. Using project management and customer service software, companies can not only manage and track tasks and projects, but maintain a ledger, or knowledge center, of all transactions, conversations and data related to that work.

Knowledge base software is very easy to use, yet offers an abundance of extremely useful features. The number of features allows businesses to improve a variety of work processes; it only takes a little bit of creativity to completely utilize a knowledge center.

The following are four ways in which companies around the world use knowledge base software solutions for improving different types of tasks within a company.

1. Flawless customer support

Ensuring that the customer support department functions flawlessly is a goal that all companies want to achieve. Solid customer support creates loyal customers who come back to do business — with a smile on their face. To make this goal a reality, businesses use knowledge bases in the following ways:

FAQ Pages

Creating outstanding FAQ pages is the strongest foundation for offering top notch customer support. A majority of customers want their problems resolved as soon as possible, and creating great FAQ pages is the best way to achieve this goal.

Self-service Pages

Creating FAQ pages is great for solving the most frequent problems that customers experience, however, to dive into more details, it is necessary to create self-service pages where customers can find more details about a particular problem they might have. Creating self-service pages is technically easy, but as the content continues to scale up, it requires more time investment to keep all of it updated.

Live chat software

A good knowledge base comes with a support for live chat software integration. This is one of the best ways of improving customer service. It allows customer support agents to directly communicate with customers and immediately resolve any issues they are faced with.

The most important fact behind using a knowledge base is that customer support costs go down while the customer services becomes better, especially after some time, when there is a lot of content present in the self-service knowledge base.

2. Impeccable employee management

Measuring employee performance

This process is made much easier with a knowledge base. Using project management software like top-rated Taskworld, securely tracks and stores all of the important information about every single employee such as how many tasks or projects were completed on time, conversations and comments related to tasks that show areas of feedback for management and communication, contact information and more. This is particularly useful to not only provide quarterly or six-month reviews, but to give real-time feedback about performance. Having access to this knowledge center makes the process more objective, straightforward and allows the best in-house candidates more opportunities for promotions.

Create and Store Education Content

Additionally, establishing a learning environment is also important as it allows for your employees to grow. A knowledge base is used by a number of business for creating educational content. To grow the educational content within a company, businesses use knowledge sharing. This gives more freedom to the employees to share and grow their knowledge together, without investing in lectures.

For example, when a new person joins a company, he or she is in a position to acquire all the necessary knowledge easily, without wasting their colleagues’ time. Over a longer period of time, knowledge sharing pays off immensely, as the skillset of your employees becomes much wider.

3. Business knowledge management

As companies grow, there is plenty of different documentation and information that starts piling up. This is another business process in which knowledge bases are heavily used, due to their scaling capabilities. These are some of the ways in which business use knowledge bases for keeping the business data in one secure location.

Asset management

Company assets are one of those things that change significantly over a longer period of time, and keeping track of all of them becomes impossible at one point. However, by employing a knowledge base, businesses become capable of tracking all of the company assets. Keeping information about hardware and software expiration dates is a great way of predicting budget expenses. It is also a great way of ensuring that the workflow within the company remains unhindered.

Legal documentation

Every company has to deal with a lot of regulations and contracts. The important thing is that all of these files need to be stored either physically or electronically. To keep everything secure in one place, companies choose knowledge base solutions that allow them to attach documents online which are security encrypted, like Taskworld. This is a great way of keeping important documentation accessible 24/7.

Top secret data

Companies around the world work on various different projects and some of the company information data is top secret and is only available for those of high authority within the company. A knowledge base is useful in this regard, as it allows direct control of who has the rights to see the most important company data or documents with access and admin settings.

Only 15 years ago, all of these processes had to be performed manually and locally, at a higher price. However, today, all of these processes are made much easier and automated, lowering the costs and time needed for business knowledge management.

4. Easier collaboration in outsourcing processes

Collaboration is becoming a more commonly used way of getting particular tasks finished as soon as possible for a lower cost. Companies outsource various projects to other companies and making that process run smoothly is a mutual interest. This is yet another way in which a knowledge base is used by various businesses.

Placing all the important information and all of the instructions in a knowledge base is fairly easy. Afterwards, all of the prepared information is shared with the collaboration partner — often across time zones — which speeds up the whole process significantly. This way, companies save a lot of money on time, as outsourced companies have all the important instructions already prepared for them.

These are some of the best ways in which companies utilize knowledge base software tools. Many businesses opt for using a knowledge base, as it speeds up various processes and makes it easier to manage all of the business-related data.

High-performing organizations needs a knowledge center. Project management software takes the guesswork out of managing teams and projects, providing clarity and methodical processes to fast execution and better knowledge management. Start your free trial of Taskworld now.

About the author

Robin is a Technical Support Executive with a combined experience of 6 years. He is well acquainted with various Knowledge base tools and is currently associated with ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.