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Andrew Wertheim nails every deadline with Taskworld

Andrew is a Senior Analyst with the Walt Disney Company.


Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year (Standish Group). Because of this, organizations lose $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs (Project Management Institute).

No one understands this better than Andrew Wertheim. As a Senior Analyst in Revenue Management & Data Analytics with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, he encounters these types of challenges daily. Knowing the value that every task and project holds, he has been able to navigate team management with a deeper understanding of not just the problems that create these scenarios, but the solutions.

Agile organizations grow revenue 37 percent faster and generate 30 percent higher profits than non-agile companies, and 87 percent of those that were high performers use project management software (Project Management Institute). Software review giant Capterra has reported that project management software significantly improves (up to 52 percent) business aspects responsible for project success — team communication, number of projects completed on budget and on time, customer satisfaction and product quality.

As a data analyst, Wertheim was excited about the possibilities. He was recently introduced to project management software Taskworld. We got in touch with him for a quick chat.

Q. Why did you decide to use Taskworld?

I was introduced to Taskworld through a class in my Executive MBA program. It quickly became apparent how powerful and useful the application would be in organizing deliverables and maintaining efficiency on each of the projects I was able to test during the trial period. Not only was I impressed: it quickly became an essential component to achieving my (and my team’s) goals.

Q. What is the biggest problem that Taskworld solved for you?

In the world of project management there are many layers and moving parts to keep organized and stay on top of. Being able to keep track of numerous tasks and have visibility into the accountability of different members of the team has been extremely valuable. Without Taskworld, one typically delegates different elements of a project to key players and only realizes weak points or bottlenecks at weekly meetings. Using the product, it is possible to see how much progress is being made in real time and jump in to assist if someone seems to be getting off track. This key feature helps us to stay ahead of schedule on nearly every project.

Q. What benefits did you discover by using it?

Quantitatively there is a very high price for missing a deadline or go-live for big budget projects. In just the first project in which we leveraged Taskworld, we completed everything ahead of schedule. Retrospectively this had a significant cost savings impact on the project’s projected budget.

Q. Which is your favorite Taskworld feature?

I often spend a lot of time searching for emails with “that particular attachment we need right now”. Taskworld’s file sharing capabilities are extremely simple and make it very easy to locate anything within seconds. This has saved me and my team time and encouraged more collaboration on projects

Thanks a lot Andrew for sharing your story with us.




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