BistroBox, Austria’s first 24h Pizzeria uses Taskworld to collaborate effectively

11 locations, 25,000 satisfied customers and 500,000 pizzas. A success story made in Austria.

It all began with a joke in marketing lecture, with the idea of ​​a bread and pastry baking machine. This ended a bit later in numerous individual projects, diplomas and finally a working concept of hot air “pizza oven” for self-service.
This led to creation of BistroBox GmbH in 2009 by three graduates of the Wels Fachhochschule.

BistoBox founders : from left to right : Jürgen Traxler, Klaus Haberl, David Kieslinger

Years later, the company has developed into a successful startup with a growing number of franchises

BistroBox, a new gastronomic concept

At BistroBox, the customer can bake an oven-fresh pizza at the touch of a button, around the clock, 24h, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — a completely new gastronomic concept.
Baking at 300°C takes only two minutes. The focus is on quality of the ingredients. In addition to delicious pizzas you can also find coffee, tea, snacks, free WLAN and a Fotobuzzer at BistroBox.
With 11 sites in Upper Austria, the company is constantly looking for franchise partners and new locations throughout Austria. More locations are expected in Freistadt and Vienna.

Taskworld enables effective project and team management

Growth always brings its share of challenges: team management, managing ever increasing projects/tasks, prioritizing work and handling communication within the team. BistroBox encountered similar problems.

“Founders are working around the clock to develop the company and think of ways to improve it. This is where I felt the need for a software to improve team collaboration.” — Klaus Haberl (Co founder — Bistrobox)

The efficient management of teams can be very time-intensive, challenging, and difficult to manage with the usual tools like e-mail and pen/paper.

“Before Taskworld, we were assigning tasks by e-mail, which is not ideal at all. As the team grew, we knew there was an opportunity to improve.” — Haberl

Another major challenge for all kinds of teams is to get a complete bird’s eye view of all the projects. Managers often struggle with knowing what is happening in the entire company, who is working on what, and when would the tasks be completed.

“Not only scheduling but also efficient allocation of tasks was difficult. The main problem before using Taskworld was that I had no idea what tasks were done by whom and which are still open. The prioritization of tasks was therefore very difficult.” — Haberl

Taskworld has helped BistroBox to collaborate more effectively and reduce internal emails. It has helped team members focus on priorities and keep track of what is happening in the company.

“We’ve been able to significantly reduce internal email traffic. The allocation of tasks to team members and scheduling them now works perfectly. The entire team thus not only has a good overview of all business areas and projects, but each individual knows what they need to focus on, always” — Haberl
Klaus Haberl, Co-Founder and CEO of BistroBox

Special thanks to Klaus Haberl, co-founder and CEO of BistroBox for sharing his story.Find out more about our friends here :