Build on Top of Taskworld With Public API

Integrate with your internal workflow or build new apps, the possibilities are endless.

We are absolutely stoked to announce the release of Taskworld API — a simple interface that allows you to query and change information in your workspace.

There are 3 new APIs available, depending on which region your account is situated in.

For example if you signed up for Taskworld using our servers in Asia, then the API URL would be different than if you signed up for our American or European servers.

Here are the links to all three API docs —

America —
Asia —
Europe —

Benefits of Taskworld API

Here’s what Taskworld API will allow you to do:

  1. Bots — Create bots that can automate functions in your Taskworld workspace. This helps in automating your workflow.
  2. Internal tools — Seamlessly integrate your existing solutions with Taskworld.
  3. New applications — Create value added services for Taskworld and share them with the rest of the world.
  4. Technical support — If you ever feel stuck, you’ll have professional support from our own developers.

This is our first version and we’ll be improving API documentation considerably in the coming weeks.

Your feedback is crucial. Please feel free to get in touch with us at for feedback or suggestions about our API.