Express Yourself With Emojis 😀

We’ve added over 1,300 emojis and a new way of creating tasks.


Emojis are available for both Taskworld chat and comments.

According to Dr Owen Churches, people react to emojis the same way they react to a human face.

Maybe that’s why 92% of online consumers use them!

We’re not just talking about the WhatsApp generation here. From teenage kids in California to grand moms in Russia, everyone’s emojiing their heart out.

That’s why we are bringing you over 1,300 emojis on Taskworld!

You will find the emoji icon in both chat and task comments.

There’s also a shortcut to adding them. Simply type :(emoji type):

Just for fun — check out the top tweeted emojis by country. Is your favorite emoji your country’s favorite too?

A new way to create tasks

When you create a task using the create button (+) in the top left corner, you’ll now be greeted by a sleeker avatar of the New Task box.

It shows a nice preview of task attachments.

2016 has been quite a journey for us at Taskworld. Thanks to your incredible feedback, we’ve been able countless new features. We’re going to top off this year with a pretty exciting chat update. There’s a hint about it somewhere in this article. Let’s see if you can tell us what it will be 😀.

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