How AccorHotels opens new hotels with Taskworld

Learn about Accor’s transition from spreadsheets and emails to Taskworld.

Raffles, Sofitel, Novotel and Pullman, these are just a few of the popular hotel brands owned by world’s leading hotel operator — AccorHotels. The French multinational group operates over 3,700 hotels and employs more than 180,000 people.

The scale of Accor’s operations can be judged by the fact that they opened 2 hotels every 3 days in 2015!

Much of Accor’s explosive growth has come from southeast Asia — one of the hotbeds of the hospitality industry. Aline Massart is the regional digital marketing director of Accor Asia. She wanted to streamline the process of opening hotels.

The Problem

Hotel opening is an epic project. You need collaboration across so many departments with strict deadlines to adhere to. You also need established communication channels to align everyone.

Like most hospitality groups, Accor was also using the favorite project management tools of the 90s — EXCEL and EMAIL.

Let’s not undermine the importance of both these tools. Both have been real game changers and continue to help businesses around the world. However, neither of them were designed for project management. They are great at what they are meant for, not exactly at organizing work.

A few reasons why MS Excel isn’t the best tool to manage projects.
“We wanted to make the process of opening new hotels more efficient. We wanted an online solution where everyone could track progress in real time. We also wanted to consolidate all our documents and make them easy to find.”— Aline

Aline felt that the existing process was time consuming and there certainly was “room” for improvement.

The Solution

When we heard about Aline’s problems, we decided to get involved. With visual task management, file sharing and team messaging in one app, we felt that Taskworld might solve her issues. We contacted Aline, introduced her to Taskworld and our team started running a pilot project with AccorHotels. It kicked off an incredible partnership.

Accor replicated their workflow on Taskworld. This led to a cleaner and faster way to run projects.

An example of a sample workspace for hotel openings.
“We definitely gained efficiency since we started using Taskworld. It has enabled us to make complex work very seamless. Now everyone can see what needs to be done, how, by whom and by when.” - Aline

Visual Project Management

Taskworld’s visual boards offer a complete contrast to the intimidating spreadsheets in Excel. Teams can collaborate seamlessly in one place by updating their work, sharing files, messages and checking project progress.

Sample marketing project for hotel openings.
“Before Taskworld, we used to gather all information via email, update checklists on a spreadsheet and send it to various people who maintained their own Excel files. With Taskworld, the checklist is updated in one click and visible to everyone. Taskworld also reduced the number of emails sent during the opening hotel process, thanks to the chat.” — Aline
Taskworld chat has been proven to cut emails by over 40%.

Favorite Taskworld Feature

When asked about her favorite Taskworld feature, Aline chose Taskworld’s overview dashboard.

“The overview dashboard which summarized total workspace activity in one single screen is my favorite Taskworld feature.”
Taskworld’s overview dashboard
“I would definitely recommend using Taskworld to other managers. It has made our work life much easier!” — Aline

Join Aline and 4000 other teams in 80 countries. Get started on Taskworld for free.

Shiv is the Head of Content at Taskworld. His previous work experience includes promoting Japanese cinema in Delhi and sharing Indian folklore at Walt Disney World, Orlando. A theatre actor and an award winning Disney cast member, Shiv enjoys movies from the 80s, music from the 90s and video games from the 00s.
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