Introducing Workload Management on Taskworld

Using task points to prevent employee burnout

The industrial era definition of productivity is evolving and the young professionals from all around the world are leading this change.

The productivity of modern knowledge workers simply can’t be measured as doing more things in less time. It’s much more complex. It’s all about doing things well rather than doing more things.

Therefore the key is to manage your workload smartly.

Taskworld’s new task points system allows you to organize tasks on the scale of 0–5 based on their difficulty, making it easier for you to plan your workday.

You can add points to any task in its task panel.

Use 0 for simple tasks that can be done easily and 5 for complex tasks that require more time.

Let’s take an example to see how it works.

Foxy Production’s Marketing Team has a project for themselves where they manage all the activities related to marketing in one place.

Each member can only complete tasks worth 10 points in one day. This allows each individual to plan their workday accordingly (10X 1 point tasks or 2X 5 point tasks and so on)

To Dos list contains all the tasks for the team. Team members pick tasks from it and drag it under their list. Each member’s list shows the things on their plate for the day. The points at the top of the list shows their workload.

Seems like Nathan has a lot on his plate.

If a team member has more than 10 points then that means they are overloaded. In this case Nathan seems to have a lot of things to do while David has room for some more work. When David sees this, he can help Nathan out and take some work from him.

Task points ensure that teams accomplish more without burning out. Give this feature a try today on Taskworld.

We would love to know how you manage your workload. Let us know in the comments below.

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