Jurassic Office: Which Dinosaur Manager Are You?

If you are anything like us, you were obsessed with dinosaurs as a child. You laid underneath your blankets with a flashlight in hand, searching through your dino sticker-book, choosing your favorite, and most hated, ancient beasts. You roared at your sister or brother — or yourself in the mirror — stomping around the house for all of 1993 and much of 1994.

According to IMDb, Jurassic Park won three Academy Awards amongst countless other credits and international ribbons for its sound editing, visual effects and acting. It broke cinema records and is the 17th highest grossing film of all time, raking in nearly $1.3 billion (USD).

Now, as we sit in our offices, flipping through dinosaur websites to recall our favorites and remember their characteristics, others are stomping around — our managers.

In honor of our favorite prehistoric animals, we ask, What kind of Jurassic manager are you or which kind of dino does your boss resemble the most?

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

T-Rex is the most obvious and perhaps, most common leader. It is easy to spot this boss-dino by his ancient style of leading — sheer force and power. You know when he walks in the room because usually, he is bigger than the room. He or she overpowers those around them, even with their presence alone. When you see the water in your glass shaking — run!!

Strengths: T-Rex doesn’t mess around. This fearsome, reptilian boss gets things done. It doesn’t matter if there are trucks, power lines or volcanos, he or she is focused on his goal. The biggest strength for T-Rex managers is that nothing big or small can get in the way of progress.

Weaknesses: You could probably guess (with the popularity of cult hit memes and t-shirts) this one’s weakness is short arms. T-Rex bosses don’t reach out to others. They just can’t. (It’s pretty sad actually). In addition to a T-Rex manager’s lack of people skills, he or she can only see objects when they are moving. So, if things are at a standstill in the company, they likely don’t know what to do next. T-Rex is not good at predicting problems and isn’t prepared with contingency plans. The T-Rex boss is like a big dog, he’s just chasing the next bone.

2. Velociraptor

Perhaps the most intelligent of all dinosaurs, this boss type can be spotted by his frequent display of wit and intelligence. Raptor bosses are people’s people — even if it is because others are intimidated by them, and follow. This manager always has an entourage.

Strengths: When people slam door on a Raptor boss the joke’s on them, because they always find a way to open it (got that reference?) That’s because they are way smarter than they look. Velociraptor bosses are fast, agile and always ready to pounce on every opportunity. They are team players and always perform better in a pack. Raptor managers are as swift as a thief and as sharp as their nails are!

Weaknesses: Raptor guys and girls just can’t do it by themselves. Just the thought of working on a project alone makes these bird-like dinos go weak in the knees. When by themselves, they get their ass kicked quite often. That’s alright though, Raptors don’t always have to win a fight, they can always run away raptor-style!

3. Triceratops

Tough and indomitable from the outside, but gentle and kind on the inside, Triceratops managers can only be identified when you work closely with them. Don’t judge them by their first impression.

Strengths: These guys have three horns in their face. Nobody wants to mess with them because they are sure-footed and can literally, be taken at face value. They mean what they say and have a multi-horned approach to management. Even a T-Rex would think twice before messing with a Triceratops.

Weaknesses: Triceratops managers always lead with their head not their heart. They are the most stubborn bosses and will not budge if they think they are right.

4. Stegosaurus

If you’re a Stegosaurus, your bony plated armour means that not much bothers you. Your spikes mean that you are able to defend yourself in a sticky situation, but mostly you prefer to just keep to yourself in the jungle.

Strengths: Stegosaurus bosses allow their teammates to get on with it. They do their due diligence to make sure that the people who need to be doing the work are aware of it. Steggy managers are the definition of a boss that doesn’t micromanage.

Weaknesses: These armored bosses tend to be defensive and keep to themselves. This might be a problem for employees who require constant hand-holding or more guidance. Stegosaurus might not be as good at giving specific directions because they don’t like to be distracted from what they are trying to achieve.

5. Brontosaurus

You know you’re a Brontoaurus when the best way to describe you is that you are a gentle giant. We don’t mean a literal giant, just that there’s something ‘big’ about your presence. People see you as kind but firm because no one really wants to mess with that kind of strength of character.

Strengths: These bosses command respect due to their sheer elegance and wisdom they seem to display in office situations. Brontosaurus managers do this by reaching new heights — playing fair and by the book. They aren’t going to eat the Compsognathus (those are the tiny chicken-sized dinosaurs that no one knows the name of, but are routinely snapped up by T-Rexes). Instead, these managers have evolved a long neck to keep them above the action. It gives Brontosaurus the ability to see the full picture.

Weaknesses: This guy or gal has a kind of slow-moving elegance however, it can translate into an unwillingness to participate in a dino-eat-dino world. It leaves them vulnerable to attack and even mutiny. Watch out for those nasty packs of Velociraptors or that one T-Rex. These other carnivores may think they are big enough to take on the Brontosaurus manager.

6. Pterodactyl

You might not see this manager until they swoop in. Pterodactyl bosses are usually out of sight, circling above and watching things unfold. They wait for the right opportunity to fly in, give direction and set priorities.

Strengths: Ptero bosses have a lot of perspective. If they see something they want, they go after it. They are highly targeted in their approach. These bird-dino bosses are fast and they don’t waste anyone’s time.

Weaknesses: The biggest weakness for the Pterodactyl manager, is that they are not grounded and sometimes, even disconnected from the team and what’s happening on the ground level. In fact, they are not even dinosaurs, they are classified as flying reptiles. They also can have a tendency to glide, meaning they are on autopilot. Ptero managers are not proactive in their management style.

7. Indominus-Rex

Well, the name pretty much says it all. You can’t possibly come up with a scarier name than Indominus Rex. The most fearsome dinosaur ever created. Yes “created,” it’s a hybrid dinosaur. A bigger, badder version of the classic T-Rex that would actually eat its own sister if given the chance.

Strengths: You know you are Indominus Rex when just the sight of you sends shivers down the spine of your teammates. Your roar can get even the laziest employees to finish tasks on time. Your thick skin allows you to take all the criticism and move forward with larger strides (really large ones!). There is no bigger dino boss than you — at least on land.

Weaknesses: You are the only one of your kind. Don’t get too happy, that’s not a compliment. You will make a lot of enemies since you will never be truly understood. People will always try to bring you down. Watch your back at all times, you’re on your own.

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