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Korean Startup RealBiz Discovers the Joy of Teamwork with Taskworld

Ms Kim Mi-ran (left) and Mr Shin (right)

RealBiz is a startup that developed DoctorGo: a specialized accounting program for small-scale hospitals. What’s fascinating is that its development, sales and customer support is handled by just a team of four people. It’s no secret therefore that they value effective communication and close cooperation more than anything. That’s why RealBiz trusts Taskworld for in-house project management and cooperation.

We got in touch with Lee Changmin (Senior Project Manager), Kim Miran (Customer Support Manager) and Shin Kyo-Won (Project Lead).

Q. Please tell us about RealBiz.

Lee: RealBiz is running the accounting management program optimized for hospitals, especially dentist offices. DoctorGo can effectively process all of a small scale hospitals accounting from expenses to tax payments. DoctorGo is the stress-free simple accounting management solution for doctors, so they can focus on treatment.

Q. Please introduce your team.

Lee: President Lee Seunghee is responsible for client management, there are two people on our development team, and one person in customer support. Overall we have our roles divided among four people. We outsource design.

Q. How does RealBiz manage their team collaboration?

Lee: For solution development and project management, saving chat history and managing customer requests rapidly are more important than anything else. You may think that small scale group communication flow wouldn’t be very complicated, but with managing present projects, work history and file sharing, it’s a bigger task than you think.

Q. What led you to start using Taskworld?

Kim Miran: Before we started using Taskworld we communicated using Kakaotalk, Email, Google Drive, etc. The problem with that is that it was difficult for team members to share discussions, and all of our discussions weren’t saved in one place. Even managing our schedules was difficult.

Lee: Like we said before, saving work history and the ability to upscale our work is more important than when we first started. We needed a program that could provide a framework for detailed group management. After looking for a tool that could handle these things, we put it to the test, and ultimately chose Taskworld.

Q. What’s changed since you started using Taskworld?

Lee: Since we started using Taskworld everything is easier now that we can prepare projects, check progress and maintenance with once glance. Our team can share processes and results with each other, so we don’t miss anything and no work is repeated. We’re much more efficient.

Q. Is there a Taskworld feature you particularly like?

Lee: With Taskworld I can see projects in order, set up plans, and check project progress at any time, so I really like it.

Kim: I like the alarm feature because I can check on all of the team members progress, continually follow up, and not miss a thing. When we did business through E-mail, it was too hard to follow up.

Shin Kyo-Won: In my case, I like the tags the most. When using the tag feature, I can easily prioritize business projects, and it’s easy to understand even without explanation; it’s a huge help.

Kim: Well, I really like that feature as well. It’s really convenient because it can integrate and manage related files, comments, links, etc. When we only used email, it was difficult to keep track of all of our data.

Q. What kind of industry would you recommend to use Taskworld?

Lee: Like RealBiz, I think it’s a tool optimized for development teams. Using the timeline, you can check project progress with one glance. Since it’s easy to manage your schedule, I would recommend it to Marketing and Accounting teams.

Shin: The tag feature has worked well for my team as well. We have 5 priority tags- Emergency, Bug, Issue, Improvement, and Whale Browser. With these, it’s easy to find out the level of importance.

Q. What kind of role does Taskworld play in your business?

You could say that Taskworld is our team’s seasoning. When you cook, if you want it to taste good, you need seasoning. Taskworld helps our business be more effective and fun.

Kim: “Our Communication channel”. Taskworld helps our company’s internal communication run smoothly.



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