Say Hello to Performance Reviews on Taskworld!

Introducing an all new tool that takes fear out of feedback.

We are excited to introduce a brand new tool to Taskworld — Performance reviews.

You can now send/receive feedback on tasks and give value badges to teammates. Taskworld collects this priceless info and displays it on a new profile page.

Problem with existing performance reviews

How many times you’ve sat in appraisals with your manager, received performance feedback and felt like..

Based on our own survey of over 500 American professionals plus almost every research on the subject, you’re not alone..

More than 50% professionals feel that performance reviews aren’t constructive. Over 70% are only evaluated once a year, leaving them uncertain about their performance for the most part. (read more)

Even when you’re on the other side of the table, things are not easy. Behavioral biases creep in when we have to evaluate others. The human mind just can’t help it.

We need technology to come to the rescue.

Feedback that makes sense

Taskworld is introducing evidence based feedback.

Whenever a task is completed, the assigner will have an option to give feedback to its assignees.

You can attach company values to your feedback.

This ensures that the receiver understands the context of the feedback. It also encourages your team members to give frequent feedback to each other.

Feedback has two parts:

  • Description: Message that allows you to praise your team member or highlight areas of improvement. (e.g. “Your presentation knocked my socks off!”)
  • Company values: Badges that recognize behavior in line with your company’s values.

You also have the option to allow receiver to display feedback on their profile. By default, feedback description is private between you two. This is helpful because as much as everyone enjoys bragging rights, occasionally you might not want to broadcast sensitive feedback.

New profile page

Clicking on any member’s avatar will reveal a completely new profile page.

Trent is reliable and perfect for creative work.

Your profile page will show you all the feedback that you’ve received or given in one place. If it’s your teammate’s profile then you can see all their public feedback. This page consists of:

  • Top values — Here you’ll see the top three company values that a member has received. You can expand this list by clicking on See all values. It’s like LinkedIn endorsements. It makes you aware of each member’s strengths and helps in figuring out which task is suitable for whom.
  • Information — Contact information of the member.
  • Consolidated feedback— All the feedback given/received by you. In team members’ case it excludes private feedback. You can also at any time click on feedback given by you and edit it.
  • Member interactions — Profile page also allows you to message, assign task or give ad hoc feedback to your teammates.

Company values

Every organization takes inspiration from its values. Encouraging behavior that reinforces company values is extremely powerful. It motivates people and aligns the team.

We’ve created a set of 18 values that you can attach with your feedback to team members. These are based on our research of most sought after values among modern companies.

Hover over company values to read their description.

Workspace admins can also create their own company values. Be as creative as you want :-)

Feedback stream

So we’ve talked about giving feedback and seeing it on your profile page.

But how do we know if we’ve received feedback, or whom should we give it to?

That’s where Feedback stream can help. It’s a new feed that can be accessed by clicking on Feedback tab in notifications page.

Your feedback related updates will be under a separate tab.

The feedback stream shows you feedback that you’ve received. It also notifies you about feedback that you can provide to your teammates. The latter refers to assignees that have completed tasks created by you.

You don’t always have to wait for a task to be completed before giving feedback to its assignees. You also don’t need to give feedback on every single task. (there are sometimes a lot of minor to dos) In that case you can erase feedback updates the same way you clear regular notifications.

We’ve intentionally separated feedback notifications from other notifications so that they don’t affect your regular workflow.

You can hover over a feedback update in the stream to see its context. You’ll see the related task along with its latest comment.

For us performance management holds a special place. When we launched Taskworld back in 2013, it was the first project management software with performance management. We later took it off in order to refine it. We are revisiting it again with our latest release and are looking forward to have your feedback on our feedback tool :-)