Taskworld’s latest feature prioritizes updates and lets you interact with them.

Jul 7, 2017 · 3 min read

An efficient notification system gives you all the updates. It makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

But it’s just…

Notifications should be smart. They should tell you exactly what you need to know without overwhelming you with a thousand updates. Taskworld’s latest feature is all about that.

Introducing Taskworld Inbox

The new inbox is a fresh way to not just get updates but also interact with them. You’ll now see the important updates before all other notifications.

You can now see the progress of your team mates, interact with them and update progress from one page.

How are the notifications prioritized?

In Taskworld you get notifications from three kinds of tasks — Tasks created by you, Tasks assigned to you and Tasks followed by you. These will now be grouped into two categories:

1. Updates

Updates are shown right on top. These are important notifications from tasks that concern you the most. Updates include:

  • New task comments and attachments
  • Direct mentions
  • Tasks marked as complete
  • Tasks assigned to you

2. Other activities

Other activities include notifications from tasks related to you but are not as significant as primary updates. All kinds of notifications that are not mentioned under Updates are grouped together under Other activities. These include changes to Task properties.

Interacting with notifications

You can access tasks directly from notifications by simply clicking on them. This will allows you to update/view progress without switching pages.

If the notification is about a comment/attachment, just hovering over it will give you a quick preview.

Difference between “Clear” and “Mark as Read”

You can erase notifications by two ways: clearing or marking them as read.

Marking notifications as read means that the unread notifications won’t be highlighted anymore. They will still be visible in the Updates section.

Clearing notifications is similar to archiving them. This will move them to a separate section of Cleared notifications. They can then be accessed by clicking Cleared in the top right corner of the notifications screen. You can restore cleared notifications and make them active again.

Pinning notifications

Pinning notifications is a good way to pick your own priorities. Simply hover over a notification and click on the pin icon to move any update to the top. This ensures that you never lose sight of most important updates.

What’s not included in the inbox?

The inbox only includes task related updates. It doesn’t include chat messages (direct/channel). They can be viewed in the Message tab.

So, what are your thoughts on the new notifications? Let us know in the comments below :-)

Taskworld Blog

Productivity tips and latest trends from the world of task management.


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Taskworld Blog

Productivity tips and latest trends from the world of task management.

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