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At trueDigital, we pride ourselves on our strong culture, which plays a large role in our success. Our team is filled with passionate, intelligent people dedicated to taking blockchain technology and crypto and using them to solve problems present in institutional finance. This culture extends to our interns. We are investing in the next generation of talent from exceptional schools, and putting them in a position to make an impact right now.

Kevin, who attends The Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT, has been working on the quant team with Bob Emerson, Head of Quantitative Analysis. During his time at trueDigital, Kevin has contributed far beyond what is typical of an intern in high school. He completed multiple projects which will be implemented in our production workflow, and showed a penchant for creating innovative models. In addition to displaying an aptitude far beyond his years, Kevin has been a joy to be around in the office and has added significantly to trueDigital’s culture. As Kevin leaves to embark on his senior year of high school, we highlight Kevin and his contributions to trueDigital.

School: The Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT

How did you learn about blockchain technology?

I’d heard of Bitcoin and crypto many years ago, but I started getting much more involved in crypto and blockchain when I started mining cryptocurrency with GPUs roughly 3 years ago. I ran around 30 AMD GPUs mining Ethereum and Monero and in the process learned a lot about blockchain, mining, and computer hardware.

What aspects of crypto and blockchain excite you most?

Crypto and blockchain are mainly exciting because they’re so new. There exists a lack of good market data and markets tend to be very inefficient, with no concrete history of institutional investment; there’s an enveloping sense that there is money to be made for those with the right timing and approach.

How did you think trueDigital would give you a leg up in developing a career in crypto?

The work here at trueDigital played to my strengths and interests. I’ve done a lot of math competitions and coding on my own, so this internship at trueDigital has allowed me to apply those skills and as well as learn to work with and write code in a formal development environment.

Over the course of your internship, how have you contributed to trueDigital?

Most of my work has been in writing our initial margin and settlement models for our Bitcoin swap product into Java. These models were previously being run in Excel, and I’ve been working with Bob and Eric to put these models into production Java applications to be run on the trueDigital platform.

How has your experience at trueDigital helped your professional development?

I worked with Bob to create a margin model for a new credit future binary product for a client. The modeling process was interesting as I was able to apply many ideas from binomial probability to a real product, and was also able to participate in a call for the client who was pleased with our results.

How do you see blockchain and crypto evolving in the coming years?

I see more mainstream adoption of the blockchain; many people see cryptocurrency and blockchain as synonymous, blockchain itself can have applications beyond cryptocurrency. For example, asset tokenization, like what trueDigital has done with Signets, is one area where the broader blockchain idea is being applied.

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