We’ve changed our name. trueDigital is Now Tassat.

Thomas Kim
Sep 3 · 3 min read

The digital asset market is evolving. We’re now witnessing the emergence of purpose and pragmatism. We’ve embodied that philosophy from the beginning, through a solemn, unwavering focus on institutional-grade quality.

In that same vein, we’ve been undergoing an evolution of our own in recent months. We’ve quietly built out the foundations of an enterprise that’s devoted to playing a central role in the long-term coalescence of traditional and digital finance. We’ve:

  • Strengthened our executive team with the addition of financial and fintech veterans, people with the passion for digital assets, an intimate understanding of financial infrastructure and the real-world expertise of bringing complex new concepts to fruition
  • Created an internal culture — an initiative conceived by our CEO and spearheaded by our own Chief People Officer — that prizes ingenuity, collaboration and growth
  • Most importantly, made steady progress with our product rollouts, moving at a measured pace that has ensured success and helped earn the support of our clients and regulators

Recognizing this growth, we believe it is time to step forward with a brand — an identity — that more closely aligns with the values that we bring to everything we undertake and which we work hard to personify through our actions every day.

Today, trueDigital becomes Tassat.

It’s an original name (pronounced TAA-sett) for a company with a clear focus. It’s a concept that better represents the products we offer, our mature approach to creating an institutional ecosystem, our central place in the community bridging traditional and digital asset markets, and our commitment to reinventing how the world transacts in the 21st century.

As with the initiatives outlined above, the Tassat concept is months in the making. We’ve crafted a brand that best encapsulates how we live up to our values day in, day out.

Our work remains unequivocally focused on the digitization of assets, payments and transfers and a regulated exchange ecosystem. Our team of dedicated and client-driven employees continues to set their sights on providing an exceptional level of service for the products we offer.

The next few months will only be more exciting for Tassat, its clients, partners and investors. We’ve been working on User Acceptance Testing of our physically-deliverable, margined Bitcoin swaps for months, and are nearing launch which will be listed on a CFTC registered SEF. And we have a whole list of partnerships to share that will broaden our reach.

Tassat is the same company you’ve supported and help shape over these last 18 months — only better. As we present our next generation of products, services and partnerships to the market in the coming months, we trust that you’ll see — and benefit from — the value that this evolved identity brings.

We look forward to continuing on this journey with you.

Thomas Kim, CEO, Tassat

Tassat Blog

Reimagining the traditional. Driving to natively digital.

Thomas Kim

Written by

Tassat CEO

Tassat Blog

Reimagining the traditional. Driving to natively digital.

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