From the Jukebox: Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family — My Ancestors

Fuzz-laden and dripping with acid blues, My Ancestors is one of the few strong remnants of 70s Zamrock, a rock n roll culture that originated out of Zambia. Chrissy and the Ngozi Family rip through nine blues tracks with English vocals built on American fuzz and African mentality. Their Zambian roots come out occasionally, found especially in different harmony’s, notably appearing in the chorus of Trouble Maker.

It’s all hard hitting and crisp, and the production value is surprisingly fairly high. The solos delivered by Paul Ngozi are classic psych rock solos, piercing madly sometimes, but with peppered with grungy cynicism. The English vocals may be the one place where they lack, but even though you can’t understand much of it and its out of key half the time, the vocals give you an eerie sense of nostalgia; like it’s your buddy singing with his band in their garage.

A album forgotten that is worth remembering.