30 Actors Consistently in the Best Movies

Lead or supporting — which active actors are picking the best projects in the past decade?

Who has the best agent in town?

Using proprietary data from Taste, we wanted to determine which actors consistently appear in the highest-rated films.

In order to qualify for this list, an actor must:

  1. Have acted in at least 5 movies from the past decade.
  2. Have had a lead or critical supporting role in these movies.

After rounding up these actors, we calculated each of their scores by averaging the standardized user ratings of their movies produced within the past decade. These standardized ratings are adjusted for individual user taste bias, reflecting a very precise measure of a movie’s quality.

Scroll down to see the full countdown, ranked in ascending order. Click on the actor’s photo to see their movies.
See how their scores compare below, and who ranks lowest out of 248 qualified actors: