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A Tasteful Legacy

2020 saw the transition of LiquidArtisans.com into Tasteur.com. Discover the personal story behind the world’s no.1 Food & Drink platform.

Tastes, Trails & Tales
Joie de vivre
Beautiful handmade pasta!
When I’m not building startups, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking

Join me on this tasteful journey…

Piazza del Duomo, Milan



Tasteur is a revolutionary online marketplace & travel portal featuring independent food & drink businesses, such as: Artisan food producers, craft drink makers, farmers, private chefs, sommeliers, & more! Discover the tastes, trails & tales of Tasteur.com

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Stephanie Haruni

Artisan Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Creator, Founder & Chief Tasting Officer at Tasteur.com #TastefullyCrafted