Introducing the TTU Token — A True Utility Token.

Marcello Mari
May 28, 2018 · 4 min read

The value of the data economy is increasing year on year yet who benefits? Here’s a clue: content streaming platforms are seeing profits rise and share prices increase year-on-year. Meanwhile the user goes unrewarded. At TaTaTu we believe a different business model for the entertainment economy is possible. It’s why we have created a three-way system where everyone is a partner.

TaTaTu works in partnership with users

TaTaTu will be powered by a social media network, with a rewarding mechanism built on the blockchain. Once established, the TaTaTu platform will let users add photos, create videos, comment on posts, and chat with friends in ways they are already familiar with on other channels. The difference is that the TaTaTu Platform will operate as a decentralized economy.

The goal is to reward anybody who uses or contributes to the platform. They will be recognized for their part in enabling the ecosystem to thrive. On existing entertainment platforms, the user provides his attention for free in exchange for free access to the platform. TaTaTu takes this concept one step further. Users are recognized as part of the ecosystem. They are rewarded for sharing their data and for being the engine of this economy.

TaTaTu works in partnership with content providers

One of the biggest issues affecting the entertainment industry today is online content piracy.

It’s why TaTaTu is building out a Digital Rights Manager (DRM) tool using the blockchain. It allows content providers, along with producers and distributors, to easily locate and enforce the distribution and viewing rights to their movies. On TaTaTu, everyone is better served.

TaTaTu works in partnership with advertisers

On TaTaTu, anybody using the platform openly accepts a relationship with advertisers — but they get rewarded for it. The difference with TaTaTu is that users engage with brands in complete knowledge of how their data and preferences are helping inform advertising.

We show adverts for relevant products to viewers, but this process is open and visible.

In order for this harmonious ecosystem to work, TaTaTu Token Ltd has developed a utility token for use on the platform. The TaTaTu token enables a liquid economy based on a fluid value distribution and transparency .This undermines banking patronage and the way investors can game the system based on the unfair distribution of financial knowledge.

The TTU token has four major utilities

  1. It will be the only method by which advertisers will purchase ads on the TaTaTu Platform

The economy of the TTU token relies strongly on the fact that advertisers will use them for purchasing advertising. To become an advertiser, a token holder has to first be approved by the TaTaTu governance community. After this, they can purchase advertising on the platform.

This economic system creates organic demand for the token immediately, since it is integrated into the platform from the outset. Through the TaTaTu rewarding mechanism, tokens flow from advertisers to users who can use TTU tokens in the e-commerce store.

2. Entertainment professionals will use the TTU token to access the DRM

Content providers will need to utilize the token in order to access the DRM and track distribution rights to their work. Logging licensing rights into the blockchain via the DRM costs a fixed amount of tokens. Throughout the life of the licensing agreement, terms can be amended, edited and added. All of these actions must utilize the TTU token, which is the only way to access the DRM.

3. The TTU token is the only way to receive rewards on the platform

TaTaTu users will receive TTU tokens for watching and sharing content on the Platform.

No other form of reward is allowed. The TTU token has been designed in such a way as to encourage adoption of the Platform. Following a simple game theory concept, the more users watch TaTaTu content the higher the CPM, but the CPM is also directly related to the quality of the content. The higher the quality of the content, the higher the reward. Rather than focusing on the volume of content consumed, TaTaTu participants are, therefore, rewarded more for viewing higher quality content.

4. Users will be able to purchase merchandise from the TaTaTu E-commerce using TTU tokens

The TTU token can be used to purchase items in the TaTaTu e-commerce store once established. This will stock general merchandising items related to TaTaTu, like stickers or clothing accessories, as well as merchandise that relates directly to content, such as a movie and/or the actors. TaTaTu will be exploring live e-commerce solutions. These will enable users to purchase merchandise directly from the app whilst watching movies, for example. These technologies already exist in the marketplace and are easy to integrate with the TaTaTu Platform.

What next for TaTaTu — and you?

In the next week the Alpha Test of the TaTaTu mobile platform will be released into the App Store and Google Play Store. Sign up on our website to stay up to date and be the first to know about our release.

You can also join the conversation with the wider team on the Telegram messaging app by joining our official community!

TaTaTu is coming soon!


Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments

Marcello Mari

Written by

Head of Public Relations



Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments

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