Aug 19, 2018 · 3 min read

“Rewarding people for watching the things they want to watch.”

That sounds like a great deal if you’re a consumer of video-on-demand entertainment. Especially if you have to pay increasing subscription fees to current cable or streaming providers, while figuring out the ever-more complex bundles every month.

The new entertainment platform TaTaTu plans to change this arrangement. It allows users to earn as they watch — in the form the TTU token. Furthermore, when the friends you invite also watch, you earn a portion of their rewards too.

So it’s an a VOD platform-plus more. There’s free entertainment, but rewards arrive on top because the company has just announced that they are giving away a total of $50,000,000 in TTU when people sign up. That’s some bounty, as Charles Bronson would have said as the dust settled.

Users just need to launch the TaTaTu app on the App Store — available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Ride on through the sign up process and the numbers are there — 50 TTU already deposited in your wallet. From there on,earnings increase the more you watch.

But let’s recap on the plot, as all the best stories do. First off, TaTaTu has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment space, and many of the features are ready to use in the Beta version.

The entertainment library includes movies, music, celebrity news, TV shows, comedy and gaming, with the likes of cult favorite Kung Fury, created by Swedish director David Sandberg. This feature is 80's throwback meets 21st century all-action drama meets martial arts epic. That’s quite a mix, and not surprisingly a high number of views are already reported.

Users can also dip into the lives of Johnny Depp, Kirsten Dunst, Ben Affleck, Jude Law; discover what soccer player Neymar gets up to in his spare time; enjoy plenty of laughs with Cheryl Hann and receive advice on how to win big at Call of Duty.

But this project doesn’t just look good on the front end — it aims to do good behind the scenes as well. Right now there’s a lot of talk of selling information on other social platforms. Users are being treated more like data vessels to be mined rather than people to engage with.

By contrast, the people running TaTaTu promise a fairer, more transparent approach. Because of this they are much closer to the audience that they are targeting than many of the larger networks claim to be. Today’s Millennial consumer is savvy about how their data is being used. It’s the reward element of TaTaTu and the platform’s blockchain technology that will appeal to these emerging users, making it able to deliver this revolution in the long term.

TaTaTu Founder, Hollywood producer Andrea Iervolino tackles multiple issues that plague the movie industry: “Where most content platform business models are based on making the final user pay for content, generating a market for illegal content monetization and therefore less revenues for content owners, TaTaTu is listening to the marketplace and adapting — giving free access to content and going a step further to reward users with an automatic monetization system.”

The team at TaTaTu plan to add new shows every month and begin producing their own exclusive features. Already the biopic Lamborghini is in development, with Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin in the lead roles. Production has just finished on The Poison Rose starring John Travolta.

With rising licensing costs and a shortage of content to go around, they’re joining other networks in this rush to create. But in this instance TaTaTu has a head start by utilizing AMBI, Iervolino’s co-owned movie production and distribution company.

As TaTaTu and TTU develop, people’s earnings will too. After October 2018, people can cash out — as long as they’ve reached 200 TTU in their wallet. So our suggestion is: don’t wait around. Join TaTaTu to be a part of the biggest giveaway in cryptocurrency history.

Join the $50 Million Giveaway.

Questions? Join our telegram here. Or stop by and tell us your favorite kind of entertainment!


Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments


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Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments

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