Why we are launching TaTaTu

Andrea Iervolino
May 8, 2018 · 3 min read

I’ve spent most of my life producing movies and bringing great ideas to life. At the age of 13 I built a technology business with friends — the same friends who still work with me today. Two years later I produced my first movie with the old system of crowdfunding — collecting small investments door to door. Then I created a successful distribution programme for school kids to develop their love of cinema.

I’ve since produced, financed and distributed 100s of movie and I’ve been lucky to work with the likes of Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas, John Travolta, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig and James Franco.

Now I’m looking to introduce something completely disruptive to the market; something that combines my passion for technology, my experience as a movie producer, and my extensive network; something that will create value for everyone.

People enjoy watching great movies, listening to their favourite music and sharing great moments. But I’ve always wondered why the major platforms keep all the revenues. Meanwhile the viewer, the real value creator, goes unrewarded. Advertising revenues are enough to sustain all of them — platform, producer and user. It’s surely time we shared that money around.

I’ve come from a family with very little. Brought up in Cassino, Italy, I’ve had to work for everything that I have. That’s why I believe in fairness and a better system where everyone benefits.

So I’m launching TaTaTu. Engaging, interactive, made for you; TaTaTu is the platform of the future. Along with posting and sharing, we’ll have video and audio call options. But even better, you’ll be rewarded for watching content. When you enjoy music or movies on our site, you’ll earn tokens. If you post content you’ll profit as people watch it. The more content you watch or post, the more TaTaTu tokens you’ll receive and the higher the amount your wallet will reach.

If you have followers, you’ll benefit from each of them. Instead of creating posts with brands about mundane subjects, you’ll be rewarded when your content is viewed. Plus you can donate some of your income to charity, helping to create a better world.

Meanwhile, brands will gain too. By 2021, spend on digital advertising is expected to reach $376 billion according to research company eMarketer, representing 49% of total advertising. For many advertisers, the major social channels aren’t delivering — they’re looking to place their money elsewhere. We’ll provide an environment away from unsafe or illegal uploads, with premium content and highly valued, verified users.

Our data will be accurate and logged in real-time on the blockchain. All updates and changes will be recorded, reducing the scope for made-up stories. Those belong in our movies, not in our reporting.

Then there are the content holders. Illegal streaming has plagued the industry for years, but TaTaTu is taking a huge step in combating the offenders. A carefully monitored system for uploading will ensure they have no access to our platform.

Plus, we’re building a next generation Digital Right Management tool on the blockchain. This will ensure full transparency comes to the world of rights usage. No longer will companies sell irrights in four countries and find the content is being shown in 20. We will also log credits for every piece of content, offering a clear and verifiable list of all those involved.

TaTaTu is a win-win for everyone. With 2 million users under the age of 25 expected to leave Facebook this year, a new social platform is required — and that platform is TaTaTu.

Andrea Iervolino

What comes next?

Join the conversation with Andrea and the other members of the TaTaTu Team on Telegram. Simply join our channel by clicking HERE.

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Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments

Andrea Iervolino

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Social Entertainment on the Block(chain) — Watch content online, share your pictures and your video moments

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