I’m dreaming that i’m swimming in the baths somewhere, then realize that this is not the place…? So i go to other baths, and find my estranged daughter there. After a while i discover that the my “stuff” i’d let behind is missing, i knew she had taken it. So i go to try and ask her where she’s put it. But instead of her showing me where it is, she puts a slide show up on the wall, of my childhood. I see me, with platts as a little girl and I start getting all choked up not knowing why this is there…i try to find where my daughter has gone, but she has left. So i try to catch up to her, but she has gone to the next place she is going to.


I’m swimming = emotional situation. Losing my “stuff” = attempting to discover what “the stuff” is all about. Asking what the slide show is = discovering what the question is really about. Getting all coked up = connecting to the real issue. Seeing the little girl (me) is the emotional issue at hand, the real part of the dream that i needed to connect with. And my daughter is the “link” through which my subconscious was leading me to connect with that, to show me what was behind the symbols for me to “get” the meaning of what i needed to understand about myself and what was the real meaning behind the dream. My daughter “running away” was that it was not about her, but what she was shwoig me in the slide show for me to see.


As i reflected upon my dream, i knew that the only way i could understand it was to translate it as though i was translating it for someone else, that way i could come to the real meaning behind the dream itself.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have a dream you need interpreting, as its very helpful to know what your subconscious mind is really trying to communicate to you, using the symbols of your mind, familiar to you; in order for you to get closure or to give you insight into a situation in your life you need some clarity on



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