TAU — “5 ways to serve community”

TAU foundation never paid advertisement to attract users. We believe the best promotion is “servicing”. Here is the logic.

First, technology. This is mobile mining wallet, POT, A2A comm and sharding.

Second, social network. Telegram groups serve each ethnic group and country. People can discuss TAU or something else. Telegram group is a service to community for having fun together. Additionally, Taucointalk.org is a great service created by community leader to allow us exchange ideas. Taucointalk.org is like tau facebook. Foundation provides monthly 200k tau to each telegram group.

Third, permission-less banks. This is for each major city to run P2P coin trade groups. People can trade and borrow TAU without control and censorship. This service is making community liberated from central banking control. P2P is a stable and decentral way to get crypto currency. Foundation provides monthly 200k tau to each p2p group.

Fourth, referral program is at heart of expanding TAU story to the world. People only refer to friends when they approve the technology and vision. This is powerful and long lasting. Up to 82% of the Tau is reserved for community referral.

Fifth, global ATM. This is for fans to trade and exchange TAU to find its value to other currency. This is like ATM machine in global scale. It will be provided when TAU coin getting mature in the future.

What TAU foundation will not do: paid brand advertisement, price manipulation, conference sponsor and exchange voting. I believe these are short term and high cost.