Technical Roadmap for TAU

Through research and feature trade-off, I would like to provide a roadmap to TAU community on technologies. I want community leaders and members keep me in track and not to deviate.

The primary challenges for full mobile coins are three:

  1. Date availability and integrity: a consensus on big number of unstable permission-less mobile devices, this is “proof of transaction” to provide data replication throughout network.
  2. Communication censorship: no stable and uncensored IP address for phones to keep long connection;
  3. Speed and scale: and transaction volume scaling.

We need to solve three barriers in our road map one by one .

Go mobile: soon after proof of transaction main-net turned on in May 25th, we will refine the mobile mining to make it stable and less buggy until September of 2019. By then, we will double block size to increase the scale.

Resist IP address control: by end of 2019, we will rebuild core on IPFS, the inter planet file system. On IPFS, you do not need IP address or URI system to get data. Content is locatable through hash of the content. in 2020, we will double the block size twice.

Speed up: by end of 2020, we will have built sharding technology to increase the scale of the Taucoin to theorotically unlimited volume. With sharding for scaling, we do not need 2nd layer protocol and lightening network kind of ideas.

One key thing we will not do: Taucoin is a coin, not meant to be dapp platform. I want all community members to insist this and keep foundation in track with the this vision. One blockchain shall only have single utility. For TAU, it is the decentralized mobile coin that is protecting you from control and inflation.