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Nik Jacob
Nik Jacob
Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello Token World!

We are Taureon, a group of blockchain enthusiasts who ringfenced our professional network into a consortium with the intention of involving and advancing the proliferation of this emerging technology, which has disrupted coding optionality, financial markets, the concept of money, and even democracy.

Taureon is a digital asset investment and advisory firm with a focus on evangelizing thought leadership, identifying talent to advance distributed ledger technology initiatives, investing in inception of the new asset class, and advising groups on the fundamental elements of early-stage company growth.

Behind the Name

Taureon is an amalgamation of latin words to symbolize the vision and ethos of the group.

🐮 Taurus = 2009 year of the bull = birth year of bitcoin/blockchain
🏺 Aurea = Latin for gold = store of value
🕐 Eon = eternal time = immutable ledger

introducing Taureon


Taureon’s broader vision is to identify and invest in early-stage talented teams utilizing DLT through tokenized cryptographic assets, with the intention of disrupting centralized systems and generating adoption through network effects within the nascent and maturing blockchain ecosystem.


Taureon (fka. Blocksource/Blocksauce) was originally formed as a due diligence organization in San Francisco in 2016, and organically grew into a global, multidisciplinary group — across San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Vietnam, Singapore, Berlin and Puerto Rico. As DLT and cryptocurrency investment opportunities proliferated into a wider scope of industries, Taureon supplemented its analyses with insights from new individuals with backgrounds in specialized industries such as engineering, finance, consulting, trading — bringing the corporate networks and knowledge that accompany these individuals that now form Taureon.

After a history of successful investments and through newfound resources, Taureon re-emerged as a federated DAO angel fund. Each project has the full backing of team members and their networks, from YC alumni to Tencent EIR (entrepreneur in residence) to GETCO trader to President of Blockchain at Columbia University. Taureon’s history equips the investment team with depth during the diligence process into portfolio companies that confront gaps and address key levers for adoption and utility.


Taureon consists of an internally managed fund and an externally facing consulting arm. In and around those services, we host curated events to foster connections among our investor and portfolio network.

we invest and advise


Besides our public profile of investments, we are engaged with a few portfolio companies (many in stealth mode) with grandiose vision and promising teams, as well as an extensive alliance of enterprise partners who are looking to advantage their organizations through appropriate leverage of DLT.

investments and advisory align with our market narratives


Taureon includes angel investors, technologists, and financiers with pedigreed experience across the following firms:

we came from companies without tokens


We like to operate in the background and avoid the noise to focus on aligned narratives and private networking. Look for our curated events, typically hosted around major conferences. We periodically issue updates to our internal network. For a sample of our market narrative alignment, check out material from BitMex, Diar.co, VinPrime, TokenEconomy, Autonomous, and MultiCoin.



Token market curation and trends

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