Portfolio 1H-2018

Nik Jacob
Nik Jacob
Sep 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Selected works

Within its suite of digital asset investment and advisory services, Taureon’s multi-disciplinary group is focused on venture research, due diligence, valuation models, concept synthesis, and investor content curation. Browse through our portfolio below for selected works (click pics for links).

Due Diligence and Valuation

  1. BITMAIN | Pre-IPO research and analysis

38-page research study providing pre-IPO coverage of Bitmain, the largest cryptocurrency miner and pool operator. The analysis reflects research from public information at the time of issuance following the Series-B raise, and includes analysis on market sizing, valuation comparables, electricity costs, competitive position, political factors, and financials.

2. DUE DILIGENCE | Token project evaluation excerpts

Selected one-pagers for due diligence on token projects. Coverage includes companies within distributed computing and scaling infrastructure. Due diligence encompasses factors under the 5T framework: technology, team, tokenomics, temperature (sentiment), and timeline, supplemented by Q&A with the management team.

Consulting and Curation

3. ECOSYSTEM FUND | Research study

Ecosystem fund feasibility and research study for a portfolio network project. Coverage includes fund structure, governance, objectives, resources, process, and market comparables.

4. CONTENT CURATION | Q2–2018 newsletter

Quarterly newsletter highlighting industry updates and key developments. Layered with curated perspectives and market narratives based on private meetings, road shows, and network sentiment.

Taureon issues periodic market and portfolio coverage. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for reading.

The material within Taureon’s portfolio may not be reproduced or distributed without expressed written consent.


Token market curation and trends

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