Time to File the 2021 T4 and T5 Slips

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It is time for my annual tip about the upcoming deadline for filing your 2021 T4, T4A and T5 information returns.

The deadline is February 28, 2022, and if you file one day later than that you are going to incur a penalty.

The penalties are calculated on a sliding scale which depends on how many information slips you are filing and how many days late you file. The more…




Debi Peverill has been advising business owners and others for more than 40 years. She writes in and easy to understand and frequently humourous manner. She became a Chartered Accountant way back in 1980 and started her own public accounting firm in 1988. She knows lots of stuff.

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Debi Peverill

Debi Peverill

I am a Canadian Chartered Accountant who is very interested in helping people make money and keep it away from the government without breaking any rules.

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