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Taxa 2021 Roadmap

Motivated by the needs of privacy- and performance-centric scenarios such as Defi/Machine Learning/AI etc on smart contract platforms, Taxa Network, a TEE-enabled layer-2 infrastructure offers high-performance, privacy-preserving, highly developable trusted services (tServices) to enable meaningful use cases to blockchains and dApps.

Hereby we are having a brief retrospective about 2020, and sharing the detailed roadmap of 2021.

In 2020, Taxa Alpha Mainnet was successfully launched. In the current 0.2 version, we enabled tServices that allow up to 8MB of data and 30s execution timeout, which is hundreds times more space and time resources than that of on-chain smart contracts. We implemented “programmable trust” on Layer 2 without the restrictions of blockchain consensus mechanism, enabled developers to build request-response based interactive services just like building an Internet service.We also announced TEE-based Python development environment ‘Pyxa’, and kept adding new libraries into Pyxa to support a growing range of functionalities such as mathematics and crypto.

Please read below the major releases and initiatives planned for 2021.


Updates to Taxa Alpha Mainnet:

Alpha Mainnet 0.3

  • Layer-1 communication upgrade;
  • Crypto algorithm libraries related to partnership blockchains.

Alpha Mainnet 0.4

  • Taxa attestation protocol migration to OSX/Windows;
  • Enable Taxa lite nodes on varies platforms;
  • Web3 service kit — Taxa browser add-on support.

Public Release of Taxa Mainnet:

  • Complete miner support;
  • Storage (a.k.a. “session”) mechanism upgrade;
  • Fully functional layer-1 communication module with EVM-based smart contract platforms.

Integration with Major EVM-based Blockchains:

Taxa Network first supported Ethereum. Pyxa-ECDSA lib allows generating signatures to authorize and unlock on-chain transactions. In 2021, we will ship libraries and on-chain components to make Taxa Network adapt to major EVM-based blockchains.

Web3 SDK and Taxa Client Toolkit:

On developer tools, we will release 2 new developer tools: the Web3 SDK and Taxa client toolkit.

The Web3 SDK allows developers to communicate with the local Taxa node using JavaScript, building browser-based dApps. The Taxa-powered interactive dApps will have a user experience similar to regular web applications, but with guaranteed integrity and confidentiality.

The client toolkit allows developers and users to access Taxa Network and tServices with GUI support. The relationship between Taxa client toolkit to Taxa network is like a browser to a web service provider. It’s a “swiss knife” on the client side, no matter if you want to browser/review the tService code, sending customized requests to a tService, or managing your client keys, you don’t need to write a single line of code or type under the command line.

Public Cloud Integration:

Taxa tServices utilize the TEE technology to achieve confidentiality and integrity without relying on a P2P network, being able to allow enterprise customers to privately deploy Taxa nodes in a “plug and play” mode that enables extra computation power and architecture flexibility.

Taxa has already built quick deployment solutions on public clouds (such as Microsoft Azure), allowing miners/enterprise users to launch a pre-configured TEE node with trusted service in several simple steps.

In 2021, we will continue with the cloud integration and get listed on the cloud marketplaces.

Taxa Network’s solution stack

Token Economy

Taxa Tokens (TXT) shall be launched in 2021. As the value unit of Taxa Network, TXT are ERC-20 tokens at the time of launch (as we initially support Ethereum based smart contracts). It can be used in the following scenarios:

  • The miner fee of using tService / mining incentives for node operators;
  • Value transfer medium of tServices, serving as a universal token on dApps on different blockchains.


Developer Grants Program:

Taxa Developer Grants Program has completed the development, and is launching soon.

Developer community growth will be a core mission in our 2021 roadmap. Serving as an important channel to bring passionate developers around the world to join the Taxa developer community. The program rewards developers to kick start on the Taxa platform, and use Taxa’s privacy preserving, high performance, highly developable Trusted Service, namely tServices to build applications.

Join Taxa on Discord to be first notified:

Miner Incentive Program:

The high-level concept of mining on Taxa Network is similar to most Blockchains such as Ethereum, while in the Taxa Token mining, the nature of computation is slightly different. The Taxa nodes will contribute meaningful computation with TEE-enabled devices, executing the tServices and fulfilling the request from users. By doing so, the Taxa node receives a certain amount of Taxa Token as incentive.

Taxa Network has reserved a certain portion of token as the mining pool, which contains 2 parts:

  1. The mining pool — standard mining reward;
  2. The mining incentive — dynamic token pool as extra mining incentive or event rewards, making the ecosystem adaptive and robust. The community shall decide the unlocking plan of the mining reserve, by submitting and passing the Taxa improvement proposals (TIPs).

The miner incentive program will be kicked off after Taxa Public Mainnet launch.

Very best,

Team Taxa

Connect with us: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Meetup



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