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Sep 3 · 3 min read

Dear community, here come Taxa’s monthly updates on ecosystem building, technology development, and community resources for August 2019.


Taxa and Harmony collaborate towards the holistic development of blockchain infrastructure

On August 20, Taxa announced to collaborate with Harmony, a high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fees consensus platform, towards the holistic development of the blockchain infrastructure. The collaboration will enable Taxa’s privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, highly developable smart contract engine on Harmony’s mainnet.

“We envision decentralized applications are to be built on a layered blockchain infrastructure in the future, where there are layer-1 projects such as Harmony storing states and values, and layer-2 projects such as Taxa and others which supplement or surcharge various functionalities, and upper layers such as interfaces and applications. With Taxa, developers shall be able to unlock whole new possibilities in DeFi, AI/machine learning, gaming, and many more,’’ said TF Guo, co-founder of Taxa.

Li Jiang who’s in charge of Business Development at Harmony reassured the vision by calling the collaboration a big step towards the holistic development of the blockchain infrastructure. “It enables both sets of developers to focus on their core expertise, and provide the best of both worlds to our users,” said Li.

Upcoming Events:

ETHBoston, September 6–8, Harvard University Northwest Labs

Build Web 3.0 applications with Taxa at ETHBoston. The Taxa team will meet with more than 400 hackers from around the world to create together.

Past Events:

Bytom DevCon 2, August 24, San Francisco

Taxa co-founder TF Guo, who is also Tech Advisor and EIR at Amino capital, was invited to speak at Bytom DevCon 2. TF joined the panel “Betting on the Future: Findings from Investment” with Okcoin Investment Director Cecilia, Huobi advisor and Ausvic Capital Managing Director Will, and Matriport Founding Partner Daniel. He shared his experience from Amino Capital to Taxa Network and emphasized the importance of value investing in blockchain. “Just HODL and BUIDL,” said TF.


Taxa Core:

  • Completed the updates of request-response protocol with improved security and readability;
  • Added identity control mechanisms for client-node communications outside of TEE;
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Smart Contract Engine:

  • Migrated cryptography related libraries;
  • Deployed and tested on-chain smart contracts that support payments on Layer-2.

Taxa SDK & Documentations:

  • Rewrote the application-level development framework.


Taxa’s official Chinese community is now homed on Wechat:

Scan QR code to join

Taxa’s developer community is now homed on Discord.

Thank you for tuning in. Talk soon. 👌

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Taxa Network

Taxa is a privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, highly developable, blockchain agnostic layer-2 infrastructure.

The Taxa Team

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Performance, Privacy & Usability for Every Blockchain

Taxa Network

Taxa is a privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, highly developable, blockchain agnostic layer-2 infrastructure.

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