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Taxa Monthly Highlights for July 2020

Greetings Community,

Below please find the monthly highlights for July.


A New Post of the Taxa Technical Blog Series

We published the second post of the Taxa technical blog series to illustrate the basics of Taxa’s core concepts and know-how to help developers start off developing on the Taxa platform: tServices’ Communication with Layer 1 Blockchains. The new post detailed the protocol Taxa Network uses to conduct off-chain tServices, while leveraging the persistence, immutability and wallet contracts deployed on Layer 1 blockchains. The steps demonstrate how the TEE-based Pyxa-ECDSA module is used to protect contract data and verify transactions. By using the tServices’ Layer 1 communication mechanism, a smart contract shall benefit from both the immutable, persistent states of Layer 1 blockchains and the performance and data confidentiality provided by Taxa Network.

In the first post of this series, Taxa tServices in a Nutshell, we introduced the design and uses of Taxa tServices.

In the future posts of the series, we will introduce tServices development standards, and the new possibilities for dApps with a layered design powered by tServices.

Upcoming Mainnet Alpha Release

The alpha release of Taxa Mainnet is on the way. Taxa Mainnet is a decentralized infrastructure that allows everyone to easily build and run interactive Web 3.0 applications with confidentiality and performance.

With Taxa mainnet, developers are offered opportunities of developing blockchain applications with the functions and performance comparable to those of internet services. For example, asymmetric info game applications, big data / machine learning applications, fintech applications, etc. Taxa Mainnet also allows miners to be rewarded with Taxa Tokens by contributing their computing powers to host tService-enabled Taxa Nodes.

At this moment, developers can first explore Taxa Devnet and Taxa SDK. Taxa Devnet offers a TEE-enabled, blockchain agnostic platform of tServices, while Taxa SDK allows anyone to develop tService-enabled dApps with as short as several lines of Python.

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  • Migrated and integrated Pyxa-ECDSA into Mainnet nodes;
  • Migrated multiple utility crypto libraries into Pyxa.

Taxa Core:

  • Improved Python error reporting mechanism;
  • Added session auditing mechanism to solve the potential conflicts on task distribution in Mainnet.

Taxa P2P Network:

  • Tested and deployed the new task distribution system module.

Stay safe and healthy,

Team Taxa

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